awesome bluetooth speaker

 the Bass Egg project is like no other bluetooth speaker on the market. what is so extraordinary with it ? well, it uses sound induction, a new technology that permit the user to use any flat surface as a speaker. the metallic base sends high frequency waves to the surface (it can be wood, metal, glass etc). the design in itself isn’t perfect, but it’s not a plastic toy either. look for yourself:
it’s pretty neat, especially when you put polyester on the choosen surface.
execpt from the design i think a sucker could have helped this little cute object a little in its portable speaker that can go everywhere, but it’s still a great product in my opinion. look at the video and you’ll see how good it sound. The battery only lasts 6-8 hours, compared to the 10 jours of the jambox it seems low but it’s rechargeable in 1/2 an hour.It only cost 95$ so compared to a Jambox, it’s a bargain.

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