Phorce, the convertible charging bag

Here is Phorce, an hybrid backpack, messenger bag and briefcase all in one. here is force, the bag that can charge up to 8 times your Iphone, or 1 time your Ipad, or 5,5 h for a macbook pro 13″.

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Not bad for a Bag isn’t it ? But that’s just the tip o f the iceberg.

The bag connects via bluetooth to your smartphone and alert you through the Ios or Android App when the signal is lost. It can slide on trolley bag, and according to the company, changing the briefcase into a bag pack or a messenger back and vice versa only takes 20s. There are compartments in which to put you Ipad, Macbook, and Iphone. I know that’s a little too much of an apple-centered view, but if your window laptop can charge on usb, there shall be no problem . If you really want one, you’de better hurry up because I got a felling this kickstarter project will soon be left with only the 10 000 € options, if you know what I mean.

For more great post about kickstarter projects and technology, you can follow this blog !

It does cost quite a lot though, around 200€ for the usb version, and 270 for the mac-enabled bag.


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