A neat mac-integrated Iphone dock


I’m not an absolute dock fan, and I don’t find having my iphone on my desk a problem. But these guys do, and their solution is absolutely great: the OCDock is a minimalist little dock that sticks to your mac, so you’ll have your Iphone just underneath your Mac. But where does the cable goes, you might ask ? Well, the OCDesk team managed to reduce the classic iphone cable to the thickness of a sheet of paper, making it possible to put it under the aluminum stand.


The dock comes in mini, with no border, minimalistic, or in, well, normal. the mini doesn’t have the patented case-enabled technology, while the normal one does. As you can see in the video, it really can fit large cases. You can also undock you iphone with one hand, finger in the nose. The OCDock is compatible with every iphone, you just need to buy an other cable if you want to make it compatible with he old 30 pin connector or the lighning cable. The OCDock comes in two colors, integrated aluminium, or dark gray for those who like contrast (but I find this color ugly, especially next to the perfect aluminium Imac stand). You might also worry for your Iphone back, or your Imac front rubbing against each other, but it’s unlikely to happen, as the stand stands a few centimeters from the screen, as you can see below:





I personally find this kickstarter project one of the best of the month, and if I had an Imac, I would definitely buy it. I only costs 59$ for the iphone 4(s) or 5, and 75$ for the 4(s)+5 iphone.

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