1 Second Everyday – An original way to capture your life’s special moments

Love the idea

More Than Digital

Do you want to have something special to look back to later on in your life? Then this app really is something for you. The goal of 1 Second Everyday is exactly as the name suggests: you record one second of your life each day and afterwards you can make a compilation of a desired period of time. Ten years of your life, for example, is represented in a one hour video. The best part is that it doesn’t ask much of your time to create such a compilation. Unless you think waisting a second every day is too much for you of course. What’s nice about the app is that it encourages you to do something fun or interesting every day.

I think the app is really creative and I’m definitely funding this Kickstarter project. You should too if you want to see it publicly released. At the moment…

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