Kohler Moxie: Finally, a $200 Showerhead with Detachable Bluetooth Speaker


I woke up this morning thinking, “I do not require my showerhead to feature a magnetic Bluetooth speaker.” Now I wish I was dead. Thanks, Kohler.

The Kohler Moxie showerhead carries a suggested retail value of $200, which covers the cost of production, marketing, a bit of profit for the company and the right for you to furrow your brow when your houseguests explain that their showerheads only feature a stream of water.

“Oh, but your showerhead only plays music while you’re in the shower?” they’ll feebly attempt to retort.

Hit it, Kohler:

The Moxie showerhead syncs with any Bluetooth-enabled device—smartphones and mp3 players—and streams music directly into the shower. But the fun doesn’t stop there; the speaker pod can be removed for enjoyment on the go, throughout the rest of the bathroom and beyond.

If there’s one missing feature you should keep under wraps, it’s that your music must…

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