Crowdsourcing Is Booming In Asia


Editor’s note: Alec Lynch is the founder and CEO of DesignCrowd, an Australia-based design crowdsourcing service that recently launched in India, Singapore, and the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter @aleclynch.

When most people think of crowdsourcing, they think of websites like iStockphoto, Mechanical Turk, Threadless, or Wikipedia. Others might think of Greenpeace crowdsourcing Shell Oil ad ideas or Marissa Mayer crowdsourcing her baby’s name. Some might even think of Lil Wayne’s crowdsourced collaboration with Mountain Dew (“DEWeezy”). But not many people think of Asia. The truth is, crowdsourcing in Asia is secretly booming, and Asia has quietly assumed a leadership role in the space.

Many politicians, economists and thought leaders are suggesting that we are entering “the Asian century.” While many large countries, such as the U.S., have struggled in recent years with recession and high unemployment, many Asian economies have given the global financial crisis a pimp…

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