International data roaming is broken. Can MVNOs fix it?


Let’s face it: if you use your phone or tablet’s mobile Internet connection while travelling abroad, well, you’re screwed. Standard roaming rates for most operators can run upwards of $20 a megabyte. Some carriers will sell you a bucket of megabytes, but the going rates are still 10 to 20 times higher than what you’d typically pay for mobile data on a standard plan.

If you’re lucky enough to have an unlocked phone with GSM and HSPA radios, you can buy another carrier’s SIM card service when you arrive at your destination and pay local rates. If you’re really determined, you could rent a smartphone or mobile hotspot. Whatever option you choose you have to be prepared to either pay an exorbitant amount of money or go through an enormous hassle – sometimes both.

SIM cards galoreTo put it simply, international data roaming is broken, and no U.S. carrier seems to…

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