Givism: 3 Ways to Give Your Mobile Battery A Long Life It Deserves


1. Charge your mobile device when the battery life screams warning zone.
When your mobile device gives a low battery warning message of 20% left, and blinks red again at 10%, make sure to recharge the poor guy. Also, it hurts the Lithium Ion battery to dip that low. Whatever you do, don’t let your battery kick the bucket!

2. Don’t mess with Lithium Ion chemistry.
If you find yourself with a dead battery and want to ressurect it and squeeze the last seconds of electric juices so you can read a breaking story on Reddit, don’t do it unless it’s an emergency! Turning your device back on after it has PTFO can burn out your precious Lithium Ion.

3. Say no to H20!
Keep your battery away from any beverages, rain, shower, toilet, soup, or Niagara Falls.

Mobile Battery

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