It’s our duty — all of us — to fight for the open web


When you use an app, or a platform like a mobile phone, or a social network, or a web service — whether it’s from Google (s goog) or Apple (s aapl) or Amazon (s amzn) or Facebook (s fb) — do you think about the extent to which it is open or closed? Or do you just think about how it looks, or what it lets you do, or whether your friends are using it? Most of us probably fall into the latter category, but as veteran blogger Anil Dash and others have pointed out recently, there are some good reasons why we should care about the future of the open web, and be concerned about a trend towards more closed networks. As natural as that trend might be from a commercial point of view, it is the antithesis of what made the internet so powerful.

In his…

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