Wallet round-up #5: the SAFE wallet for Iphone 5


doesn’t it look good ? After some problems in november, the kickstarter project relaunched, and it’s successful !!! As you can see, the SAFE wallet is an Iphone 5 case with a compartment for cards. You can put 5 cards in it, and a key at the same time.

I also works as a stand, in portait or landscape mode.

It can keep a folded bill in a secret compartment next to the camera.

Maybe you think it adds a big extra thickness and weight to the Iphone, but in fact it doesn’t: it weights 34g and is as thick as a sharpie !

It is available for pre-order now on kickstarter.

One thought on “Wallet round-up #5: the SAFE wallet for Iphone 5

  1. Hi James,
    Nice article. I received my safe wallet to weeks ago and I’m disappointed with it.
    First, the power and volume buttons are just a fail. Some people are complaining about it, so do I.
    Also, the case won’t cover the left side of the phone because there is a bump in the inside of the case, between the volume and mute button, that prevent the case from covering perfectly.
    Finally, simply putting your phone in your pocket everyday will eventually scratch the rubber of the back of the case out. Only one day I got mine, scratches appeared and I didn’t put it anywhere from my pocket or my bed.
    So what did Jake do? He have left us with an instruction page, which says that there are known issues with the case and that You have to deal with it. What a nice way to not say the case is a finished product but with some big problems.
    I hate to do that but people have the right to know: this case is not a finished product! It had been delayed for a long time, for production problems, and know it’s not finished? I tried to join Jake several times but he won’t answer anymore, at least if you have problem.

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