The Flip n’Grip™ Wallet by BJ Minson & Dan Loveridge — Kickstarter

I know what you’re gonna say: again, a wallet project on kickstarter ?

we already had the TGT (Tight) – A New Kind Of Wallet The HuMn WalletThe Vi Card Holder The Minimal(M45//) WalletInevitable Wallets and many more. So I wasn’t very confident about the project, the noun sounded like a gadget a to me, but man, when I saw this thing, I literally watched the video 5 times in a row, for it has a level of awesomeness few people can bring.

The Flip n’Grip™ Wallet

it’s a shame they didn’t make the video public, and I don’t have time to find a way to share it to you right here. you will have to click on that url, sorry.

here are some pics of the thing:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

so, as you can see, there is the flip, which really is a toy, and the grip, which is the real innovation of this product. As far as I know, the flip just help being cool performing backlflips and tricks, and eventually help you or pickpocket, you decide take it out of your pocket.

The Grip, on the contrary, is revolutionar. it manages to keep all your card tight, without taking place, and at the same time easily accesible, just press it and the card ill come in a symetrical stair, so that you can see and take them all without problems.

A few other great things about it is that it’s supersolid, for those of you who still haven’t seen the video, dishwasher-free, the cards can’t fall if you don’t activate the grip, and it’s RFID and NFC safe.

the main downside is obviousvly the price, starting from 99$, it’s a lot more expensive than your last one. but way cooler

awesomeness: 5/5


durability: 5/5

price: 2/5

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