awesome portable home console for 79$ !

The game stick is an all-in-one device, as the controller also works as the console. You just plug in the HDMI key (that fits in the controller) in you TV, and you’re done. Let me show you this simple yet efficient video about game stick, you’re going to understand these guys are serious with what they’re doing.

what are the advantages of this small portable console compared to the big players like Nintendo or Sony ?

for first it’s very portable and almost wireless. The size is approximately the same as the 3DS XL. a special case to prevent scratch can also be pre-order. Expect when charging it, the game stick doesn’t use wires, only a cute HDMI key.

Secondly, it doesn’t seem powerless in term of graphics and frame rate. As you can see in the video, an HD FPS(first person shooter) is being played without lags. It isn’t as mighty as a 499$ console, but it’s enough for most game and resolutions most player will ever require.

thirdly, It’s an open platform which means games are either free or at least cost less than the astonishing 70$ most playstation developers ask for.

at last, did you know that only 1% of all Tv around the world can be used to play games ? A cheap family console not made for virtual mass killers can change that, and even if  nowadays no one is sure Gamestick will still be here in a few years, and lead this gaming revolution, we could say it for sure they started it. In my opinion, TV manufacturers like LG, Samsung etc will develop a better gaming platform in their futur smartTV, which will be based on Android, because it’s universal.

Anyway, time will tell, and for now the GameStick is available for pre-order on kickstarter, for the price of 70$, the equivalent of, let’s say COD on a normal console. Still not convinced ?

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