an alarm which is a replica of S1Tec’s WRC Start Lights

In fact this alarm is just a fancy replica of a traffic light for rally races, but it looks pretty cool, and is made by the same people that makes the real one for races:

%22LAUNCH%22: The Fastest Way To Start The Day by Stage One Technology Ltd — Kickstarter


here is the complete list of functionalities:


  • Replica of S1Tec’s WRC Start Lights – As seen on the start lines of the World Rally Championship for ten years, and even recently on BBC’s Top Gear.
  • Real WRC Car Sounds – From the 30-second warning light, through to launch, and beyond.
  • Start Light Sequence – Can be set to operate once a minute, on the hour, or just at your alarm time.
  • Brightness Control – Dim it all down at night, or run it at full brightness for maximum effect!
  • Motorsport Technology – We’ve taken technology straight from our motorsport timing systems to build this alarm clock. Why wake up at 7:59:59.993 when you could wake up at 8:00:00.000 and get that extra seven milliseconds in bed – a lot can happen in bed in seven millseconds – so we’re told!!!”

What is weird and sad is that they are planning on losing money, partly because they all lost their jobs. But if you still want one, it cost around 119£ on kickstarter.

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