Grain audio, the wooden audio range products

wood sound is more natural than plastic, or so I’ve heard, so why not make speakers and headphones in wood like the old gramophones ? That’s the bet of a star-up on kickstarter. The company proposes four products:

the Packable Wireless System, jambox like bluetooth speakers (8h battery)

Packable Wireless System - Side View


The Passive Bookshelf System, huge sedentary hi-fi speaker.

Passive Bookshelf Speakers (PBS) - Front View


The over-ear headphones, made of solid wood, for a sharper and bigger sound (literally).

Over-Ear Headphones - Front View


The in-ear headphones, still made of wood.

In-Ear Headphones - Take One


I have no doubt the sound is great, but I worry more about the actual design and manufacturing process. It seems a bit harsh and not finished, even though it looks gorgeous. As I just updated to a CEOL airplay hi-fi system, and already have a working jambox, this won’t be for me, but if you’e searching for the perfect earbuds/headphones/mobile speaker/stereo, well this could be a good solution. Head over kickstarter before it’s too late for the early birds to get yours !

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