thermodo thermometer FINALLY gives real time temperature to the Iphone

One of the iphone meteo app is that the temperature is taken by external sensors, so indoor temperature is absolutely impossible to mesure. Until now. Robocat team, which is behind thermo (a weather app with more than 2 000 000 downloads), has found the solution. It’s called Thermodo.

So small, We can wonder why it’s not directly integrated IN the Iphone, but God works in mysterious ways. Anyway, it works exactly like you would expect it to work, launch the thermodo app, connect the thermodo in the jack port, and exact temperature will show up. The battery impact is close to none, so you can leave the thermodo in place if you want, or put it back on your keychain.

So you see, It’s not to complicated. It works from -20 to 50 °C degrees, more than the Iphone itself can bare. Pledge now to get your owns, it just costs a little 25$

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