A few bottles on kickstarter

Recently, three sport bottles managed to raise more than 68 000$ on kickstarter, which is quite a lot, the best one currently has 186 000$, it’s the NAVA.

As you may notice, the particularity of this bottle is that it filters the water, something that existed on traditional water containers, but not on bootles. The kickstarter campaign is still running, so it’s still time to get yours !

The second one is the Umoro one, specially designed for fitness:

As the photos make it obvious, the Umoro allows you to put substances on the top part, then release it in the water when needed. I guess It has a use for some fitness-crazy people, but since I am not, I don’t get it. Maybe you do ?

And finally the last one, which is my favorite: The Square

You may have notice, the square is square. It’s aluminium. It can open from both sides, making it simpler to clean, by hand or in the dishwasher, as it is dishwasher-free. Even though it doesn’t include sf functionality, the design is so much better. In fact, the designers are formers Apple designers. What’s more, the water I drink is already treated, there’s no need for even more purification, and I don’t need to add drugs to my water to have big muscles and all. So this one’s perfect, at least for me.                    Link: www.consignd.com/shop/etienne-vandamme-9

What’s your favorite one ? I’de like to hear from you 🙂

One thought on “A few bottles on kickstarter

  1. attention tu as écrit “bootles” dans le titre au lieu de “bottles” 😉

    Emmanuel Vandamme 10, rue Montesquieu 59000 Lille vandamme.emmanuel@gmail.com (mailto:vandamme.emmanuel@gmail.com) +33 (0)6 73 39 26 83

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