About me

Hi, i’m 16 and really interested in design, tech, and innovation. I often browse throught kickstarter to find cool project, cool design and new technologies. I’m preparing a bac ES in france( I’m french by the way) but that’s not really a huge part of me. I’m looking foward beiing a designer, study at the ENSCI, the best designing school in france, but if I could, I’de fly over to the US and do all I can to study at the MIT. oh, and I’m in an international section, that’s why I try to practise my english often, for the leasons are boring believe me.

wait, I’m not just a geek, I do love sports too: I do climbing, I got a fixie (bike), and in holiday l love skiing ! just in case you had any interest in me, myself and I. 

I also have a facebook page,a facebook profile, a twitter, a recently opened pinterest, a Quirky profile,  and finally an instagram account that has no link to this blog.

My email is vandamme.etienne@gmail.com

15 thoughts on “About me

  1. Your story is parallel to mine !! 😀

  2. indeed ! when did you started you blog ? you have 200 more views if I don’t count your 70 views :p. By the way I really like your theme and the way pages are organized on your blog 🙂

  3. I started it in September’12. This theme is temporary, my previous theme was amazing, one could actually see an electron being smuggled in the background. What’s your name ? I’m planning for MIT this year, pray for me 😀

    • MIT ? Wow ! that’s a myth ! I’m planning the ENSCI in France, which is supposed to be the best design school worldwide :p I’ll be praying for you 🙂 are you american ? in you blog stats you had 600 views from india…My name is etienne

  4. in fact I think you’re indian but you live in Quebec. Am I right ? I should be a detective 🙂

  5. LOL I’m Indian and I live in India. I had taken a course in French for 3 years. What a language. So soft. You will be luckier if you get in ENSCI.

  6. 1 viewer 47 views , you serious ? Kool. When will you design stuffs for me ?

  7. Wanna catch up on facebook ? link 😕

  8. Salut Etienne,

    Je met un petit post en Français car je trouve que l’on parle beaucoup trop anglais ici :)!
    Sérieusement je suis la personne qui a mis en place le projet Keycard (qui n’est pas terminé) il y a quelque temps.
    Du coup je suis tombé sur ton site en cherchant Keycard sur internet.
    Aujourd’hui je lance mon premier produit sur la toile: un portefeuille en aluminium http://www.portefeuilledrif.com
    Donc je me disais que ça pourrait peut-être faire un article sur ton super blog (que je suis attentivement du coup). Ça me permettra de faire un peu de publicité.

    Je suis disponible pour en parler au téléphone si ça t’intéresse. Envoie moi ton numéro et je n’hésiterais pas à t’appeler.

    Bonne continuation pour le blog,


  9. Hello,
    My Kickstarter project will be launching this Thursday morning, 11/14/13. If you get the chance please check us out.
    Here is a preview link:

    Thank you very much.
    Helena Ingram

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