automatic takes care of your car’s health via iPhone


I don’t know how it is in Europe, as I’m not a driver myself, but in US cars, since 1996, there is a port behind the driving wheel where mechanics connect to collect data from the car, like when it had an accident, or when checking the car. that’s useful for mechanics, but why does nobody uses this port to collect and read the data in real-time ?

Mainly because devices that could read and display this data would have been huge screens, nothing practical. Now with the rencent rise of smartphones, it is possible. The Automatic is a rather small piece of hardware that connect to this port and sends it to the smartphone via bluetooth 4.0, meaning minimal battery impact.

The automatic really wants to make it right, and doesn’t stop there at all.

  • Automatics first analyzes your driving habits and warns you when you burn to much fuel for nothing/ resulting in gas savings. 
  • Automatic knows where your car is, so you won’t have any trouble finding where it is in a parking lot.
  • Automatic tells you where the problem is and its nature, if a problem happens.
  • Automatic calls 911, local authorities or friends if you have an accident.

So what not to like ? There are no monthly fees, and it only costs 79$, an can save you hundred a year on gas. What are you waiting for fellow driver ? Pre-Order Now !

design or function ? the Doorbot Wifi Doorbell.

Doesn’t this look wrong ? It’s supposed to be an high-tech doorbell, which I have no doubt it is, but the design… I’m speechless. It looks just like an elevator pannel. You don’t believe  me ? look at this picture and tell me the contrary:

There is even a glowing light ! “which floor are we going mom ?/ It’s not an elevator my son, just an ugly doorbell” And it’s made of “unibody aluminium”, in order to look like apple (or star wars, I don’t know). Seriously guys, aluminium isn’t the only metal on earth is it ? Of course the camera is 3 foot long, like every normal camera.

Appart from that, It’s a camera that can viewed from “anywhere in the world” from your Iphone( so you can make people believe you’re at home). The great feature I give in are the lokitron capabilities, which I’ve already talked about. When someone rings, you get instant one way video chatting, and a lock/unlock button, if a lockitron is connected to your network.

Overall, it’s a great product in a shitty design. I think I will wait to have one with Lockitron neat design, not this elevator functional object.

a crazy suspended tent, the Tentsile

You heard right, this tent is like no other. It can be attached to trees, at virtually any height. This is the model Alex is selling.

The brand new, lightweight, Tentsile Stingray

It is so great army actually proposed him a contract. The sad part is that he actually invented a smarter tent, but he doesn’t propose it, saying it’s to hard to manufacture. Look at this one:

Tentsile 1 being made in the factory

you see, in this one, 6 people can sleep in the wings and 2 in the central communal area. But it’s not for sell.  Alex sell the little on for 699£ on kickstarter, which is around…1100$. I can’t imagine how much would the big one would be.

instead of a quadrocopter, why not buy a robot dragonfly ?

well, because the colors, the look, and the shape are just hurting the eyes.

just look at it ! the dragonfly is not imposing, not classy, and the weird shape doesn’t arrange anything. It looks like an interesting technology,  but do you prefer to drive something which looks like a spaceship or a monster dragonfly ? I’ve made my choice already, and my favorite drone out there is the Mimix, which sadly didn’t get funded, god know why.

But as the video said, it’s almost noiseless  has an HD camera, so it can be used by the army. But for the public, I don’t find this product good at all.

and you, which one do you prefer ?

awesome portable home console for 79$ !

The game stick is an all-in-one device, as the controller also works as the console. You just plug in the HDMI key (that fits in the controller) in you TV, and you’re done. Let me show you this simple yet efficient video about game stick, you’re going to understand these guys are serious with what they’re doing.

what are the advantages of this small portable console compared to the big players like Nintendo or Sony ?

for first it’s very portable and almost wireless. The size is approximately the same as the 3DS XL. a special case to prevent scratch can also be pre-order. Expect when charging it, the game stick doesn’t use wires, only a cute HDMI key.

Secondly, it doesn’t seem powerless in term of graphics and frame rate. As you can see in the video, an HD FPS(first person shooter) is being played without lags. It isn’t as mighty as a 499$ console, but it’s enough for most game and resolutions most player will ever require.

thirdly, It’s an open platform which means games are either free or at least cost less than the astonishing 70$ most playstation developers ask for.

at last, did you know that only 1% of all Tv around the world can be used to play games ? A cheap family console not made for virtual mass killers can change that, and even if  nowadays no one is sure Gamestick will still be here in a few years, and lead this gaming revolution, we could say it for sure they started it. In my opinion, TV manufacturers like LG, Samsung etc will develop a better gaming platform in their futur smartTV, which will be based on Android, because it’s universal.

Anyway, time will tell, and for now the GameStick is available for pre-order on kickstarter, for the price of 70$, the equivalent of, let’s say COD on a normal console. Still not convinced ?