HiddenRadio2 bluetooth speaker is overwhelmingly good

A long time has passed since my last post, but rejoice, today’s awesome product might make you excuse me for that.

Introducing HiddenRadio2, a revision of the first iteration of the name HiddenRadio, which was rather well received by tech critics. The main drawback were FM usability and Sound not being so great after all.

but both of these concern seem to have been resolved with this year’s product.

In response to the hood muffling the sound and more generally relatively poor deep and eerie high, The team implemented a top of the line technology called dual “speaker neodymium“. Let see what that really means. Apparently they have a “high output to weight ratio which makes them ideal for a number of portable applications”. Perfect for the HiddenRadio2 isn’t it ? the result is cristal-clear highs and cavernous deeps:

About the FM radio, well, there is none now. Get over it. Life moves on. Honestly what use is there to an FM radio when you’ve got all these application that can stream thousands of radios from the internet like TuneIn Radio ?

But that is not all folks ! You did not honestly though it would be it did you ? HiddenRadio2 has still 3 main features you ant to hear about:

Let’s go over them from left to right, right ? That would totally makes sense. But let’s do the contrary like true anarchists.

Magic lift means you just have to touch the top to boot up the device like and raise the top like it’s an elevator from Star Trek or something.

Smart control is actually more or less the same thing as magic lift, in the way it uses the touch sensor on the top to enable simple control: tap once to pause, tap twice to go forward, or draw a circle clockwise to increase the volume. Hell yeah, you can even call siri ! As the HiddenRadio2 has noise-canceling mics and hands free calls software, My guess is that you’ll start using Siri a lot more with the Speaker than before. Anyway my thought is that it’s pretty damn cool.

Multipoint, I think you’ve guessed by now enables you to connect to multiple speakers at once. Two different use case: you can have one in each room, or enable stereo and use them to watch a movie or something.

Lastly, the battery last a whooping 15 hours, which is not the highest in the portable speakers jungle but still in the high end. It can deliver some 90db, meaning you’ll suffer hearing loss if you stay around it at max volume for too long.          In case the design wasn’t obvious enough, the HiddenRadio2 has a 360° sound, how could it not.

To conclude, I’de say that for 149$, it’s a rather admirable deal, if the sound is indeed better than before. However don’t wait for the kickstarter campaign to end, as retail versions will sell for some 199$. Whatever, just take a look at this comparaison, you won’t argue very long




Life-proof battery pack launches on kickstarter

there are as many external batteries for mobiles devices as there are battery low warning. It never stops. every week, another company launches a revolutionary product. It often isn’t. This time though, the claim is justified.

The Zendure isn’t one, but three different batteries: 9000, 12 000, 15 000 mah.

First, the basic model can charge 8.5 times an iPhone. That’s huge. It can also be run over by a car. You know, just in case you wanted to try.

The Zendure can actually charge while being charged, meaning you don’t even need an adapter for you smartphone cable when you leave to an exotic country.

Unlike the battery of any electronic device, the battery can stay 95% charged after 6 month without being used a single time.

There is no need to boot the Zendure. The battery detects when a cable is plugged-in, and boots up the battery.

And Voila ! I think I’ve just given you 4  killer features that’ll make you want to rush to their campaign. Am I being a little over-enthusiastic ? That’s possible :p. But bear in mind that no other battery can achieve the last 3 features !



A 379$ beautiful 3D printer ? yes it’s possible.


an you spot it ? It seems to be part of the furniture. The glass base make it look like it’s floating in the air. Magic. What’s more, it is Wifi compatible, meaning you can actually print from everywhere in your home, even on your iPhone/Ipad actually:

Another neat feature, is the easy-to use 3D modeler, which you can see above.

The Bucaneer is currently pre-selling on kickstarter.

automatic takes care of your car’s health via iPhone


I don’t know how it is in Europe, as I’m not a driver myself, but in US cars, since 1996, there is a port behind the driving wheel where mechanics connect to collect data from the car, like when it had an accident, or when checking the car. that’s useful for mechanics, but why does nobody uses this port to collect and read the data in real-time ?

Mainly because devices that could read and display this data would have been huge screens, nothing practical. Now with the rencent rise of smartphones, it is possible. The Automatic is a rather small piece of hardware that connect to this port and sends it to the smartphone via bluetooth 4.0, meaning minimal battery impact.

The automatic really wants to make it right, and doesn’t stop there at all.

  • Automatics first analyzes your driving habits and warns you when you burn to much fuel for nothing/ resulting in gas savings. 
  • Automatic knows where your car is, so you won’t have any trouble finding where it is in a parking lot.
  • Automatic tells you where the problem is and its nature, if a problem happens.
  • Automatic calls 911, local authorities or friends if you have an accident.

So what not to like ? There are no monthly fees, and it only costs 79$, an can save you hundred a year on gas. What are you waiting for fellow driver ? Pre-Order Now !

DOCKr 4in1 solution for Ipad: keyboard, battery, speakers, usb, protective case.

Actually The DOCKr is advertised as a 6in one Product, but the last two are “colos and style” and “multiple angles of viewing”, wich aren’t really features, you know. At first, the DOCKr seems like a cheap plastic accessory, and that’s too bad, because in fact, it is one of the most advanced solutions to turn any Ipad in a small computer.

See ? it looks like a toy. Nevertheless, It’s actually great. The battery included is about 4-8h, and can charge other devices, via the usb port. The keyboard in fact is just a space for the apple bluetooth keyboard or the inuenvo keyboard they sell, but as it is the best bluetooth keyboard, we won’t complain about that, are we ? A noteworthy feature, the Ipad can be in portrait or landscape mode. Neat. Last but not least, the wireless speakers are bluetooth, stereo, and are effective from 30 feet. for 135$ with a keyboard,The DOCKr really a good deal.

HAPIfork makes you eat slower=healthier.

do you remember CES buzz around the HAPIfork ? many people laughed about it, some found it interesting, some loved the idea. Now is the time when this project becomes a reality, as it just came to kickstarter to crowndfund this smart fork.

How does the HAPIfork works ?

Me too, before I understood how the fork worked, I was dubious. But now I just find it’s one of the best health product of the year. What do you think about the HAPIfork ?

Zendock cleans the mess of cables connected to your macbookpro

The idea has already been thought of, here and here, but this one’s a little different, as it leaves more movement liberty to the user.

As shown in the video, it’s really useful when connecting a macbook pro to an external display. The only downside is that is doesn’t include the recharge cable, while still leaving place for it:

As you can see above, this dock works with Macbook pro and retina, sadly no macbook air version, probably because there isn’t enough usb ports to make it of any use…

If you have a macbook and like this project, just visit their kickstarter campaign.

DoorJamz is a fully customizable doorbell controlled by your smartphone

I previously talked about wifi doorbell, and the awesome lockitron, but this doorbell has a different goal: it just enables you to play your music,placed on an SD card, and control everything using your Iphone. It can also schedule the sound for naps, etc. Finally, you can schedule for the year which music you want to be played everyday. Oh, and I almost forgot it has a motion detector instead of a button, and that every time it rings, a snapshot is sent to your device. Will you remember all of this ? I don’t think I will, but I certainly like the original design of the DoorJamz:

before heading to their indiegogo project, you might want to check this funny video they made:


THE most complicated puzzle ever, sanity, is insane !

Why so much passion ? Well this puzzle has over 2 Trillion possible combinations, few compared to the forty-three trillion possibilities of the Rubik’s cube, but still, based on pure luck, the Rubik’s cube would take the age of the universe to resolve, so this one might only tale 5% of the age of the universe…At least if you do it based on luck. 

Although it is a little big, I love the idea, and one of the killer feature is that every sanity is unique, making it impossible to watch videos on youtube to explain the whole process. Here is a scheme to show you how it works, although I didn’t fully understand the 5 axis thing…


If you are still interested, spread the word and pre-order on kickstarter before it’s too late !

The virtual lock for your bike is called bikespicke, and it seems awesome so far

Virtual lock ? what does that possibly means ? To understand the concept, you have to know how this add-on for bikes works. First, just place it on your bike.

The BikeSpike on a bicycle without the cage

As the bikespike is GPS monitored, you can choose in the Iphone app when it is or isn’t supposed to move:

User Interface on an iPhone 5

Now, if the bike moves when it’s not supposed to, you will be notified, and a SMS can be send to friends who live nearby, with the exact location of the bike. Of course you can go and search it yourself if ou prefer (I think I do).

Secondly, it can be used with fitness apps, for the basics stuff, speed, journey, cal, stuff like that. The SDK is open, so if the project succeed, other developers will be able to develop their own apps. Isn’t it neat ?

If you want to own one, you’de better pre-order one, and spread the word around you, as for now, it isn’t likely to be funded


after the bluetooth headphones, the bluetooth earbuds !

What is the point of having bluetooth earbuds, you may ask, as earbuds are already easy to use and don’t take much space in your pocket. Well actually it happens that these one have a few advantages on their side.


As you might except of it, these earbuds uses latest generation bluetooth. Like an Ipod nano, it clips to your clothes to stay in reach. One of the possible problem of this kind of product surely is how to manage the dangling cords. The patented solution proposed by this inventor is a small magnet, to hold them on the side of the clipper.

Apart from this killer feature, elroy makes it possible to skip songs, manage volume, but also take calls just by taking one of the two away from the magnet.

The elroy is kickstarting now, so take a peek if you like it.


ego smartmouse, the only mouse you’ll ever need.

What does smartmouse means, anyway ? in which way is it “smart” ?Ego! Smartmouse materials and colors

First, except from the basic bluetooth mouse capacities, you can use it the same way as a wiimote: to point at your screen, scroll, etc. With the built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, you can also use it to play games on your PC, or TV connected to your computer. Sadly, it cannot be used on TV without a PC connected to it. So that’s not super useful, after all.


the EGO comes with 2,4,6, or 8gb of storage. You may ask why a mouse needs so much gigabytes. Well, it happens that whenever you connect via bluetooth to a computer, you can transfer data to your mouse, or from your mouse to your computer, wirelessly. Neat ? Yeah. In fact this is my favorite aspect of the EGO. I find the accelerometer not useful for work task, and merely useful for gaming. Let’s be honest. Who’s going to play fruit ninja on his PC ? No one.

If this smartmouse appeals to you, pre-order it now on kickstarter of course.

control your computer with your eyes ? on kickstarter again.

Yesterday on kickstarter, a new project called NUIA EyeCharm stood out of the throng of new projects. It has one goal only: make you control your computer with your eyes, for a lot less than other companies are paying for. Brace yourself, the color and design isn’t really appealing…

NUIA eyeCharm attached to Kinect

How does it work ? First you have to buy a kinect. That’ll cost you about 100$. Then you can purchase the NUIA, for 60$. It works just like you would expect it to work, scrolling down when looking down the screen, etc.It uses infrared sensors to see where you’re watching. However it isn’t precise enough for eye drawing. Nothing’s perfect. What’s more, It’s currently only compatible with Windows 7/8, a future software upgrade will make it compatible for Mac.

telepresence at its best: KUBI, a robotic Ipad stand for video calls.

Before the video, I wasn’t very exited about the project. Kubi looked like a bicornuate to me. But I soon realized It was one of the object I’ll save money for, thinking about it everyday. I’m like that.

So KUBI is a robotic Ipad stand you can control from the other side of the world, a bit like the Romo, but the it is for Iphone only and can move around. But KUBI isn’t a toy: It’s a tool first designed for pros, not for amusement, that’s why the design is more sober than the romo.

The romo is controlled by the app, wich works like this:

the only downside to this app, but it is not their fault, is that the two caller need the app. You can also call with facetime, but you won’t be able to make the KUBI move by tapping the screen, but through a web browser, on another tablet or computer.

The KUbi is for the moment on indiegogo, waiting for your to back it. You can get it for 200$.

tidytilt+, a multifunction magnetic case combined to an earbuds holder and a Smart Cover

There have been multiple attempt to bring an equivalent of the smartcover to the Iphone, as some people tried to create magnetic cases for Iphone, which it didn’t really suceded in, And finally, some people have been searching everywhere for a bud holder.

Well, if you have an Iphone 4/4s/5, You can get the three in one simple object: The Tidytilt+.

Kind of neat, isn’t it ? The 4/4s version sails for 22$ for a limited period, and The Iphone 5 case+tidytilt recently landed on kickstarter. That is how the Iphone 5 tidyltilt looks like:

This version is proposed at 29$, which isn’t bad for such a product. If you add some money to your pledge, you’ll get a magnetic holder, for any magnetic objects  like keys, your tidytilt case, or your bud holder. The design is again aluminium, but looks nice:

I hope You enjoyed it 🙂

keyport is a must have for key management

I already compared the keycard and a french project called the same. But this project aims to take key management one step further.

what is clearly better than any other gadget of this type are the little nods that push the keys and the lightweight keys:

Overall, with the keyport, it’s still lighter than a bunch of traditional keys. It is available for pledging on kickstarter right now, for 33$.

design or function ? the Doorbot Wifi Doorbell.

Doesn’t this look wrong ? It’s supposed to be an high-tech doorbell, which I have no doubt it is, but the design… I’m speechless. It looks just like an elevator pannel. You don’t believe  me ? look at this picture and tell me the contrary:

There is even a glowing light ! “which floor are we going mom ?/ It’s not an elevator my son, just an ugly doorbell” And it’s made of “unibody aluminium”, in order to look like apple (or star wars, I don’t know). Seriously guys, aluminium isn’t the only metal on earth is it ? Of course the camera is 3 foot long, like every normal camera.

Appart from that, It’s a camera that can viewed from “anywhere in the world” from your Iphone( so you can make people believe you’re at home). The great feature I give in are the lokitron capabilities, which I’ve already talked about. When someone rings, you get instant one way video chatting, and a lock/unlock button, if a lockitron is connected to your network.

Overall, it’s a great product in a shitty design. I think I will wait to have one with Lockitron neat design, not this elevator functional object.

surface-like keyboard for ipad

It’s called the NIBIQü, don’t ask me why, and it looks exactly like the surface keyboard. here is their video, from kickstarter:

Looks like a cool project for sure, but sadly, it seems like the project won’t be funded in time. Kicktrack is telling us that the project will only reach 30 000$ of the 100 000 asked.

the best 802.11ac router to date, the Almond+

have you ever heard of 802.11ac wifi ? The name is really similar to 802.11n, but the specs are just better in the two known ways:

  • real Gigabit capacities
  • Wider area covered

This fancy router is one of the first to be compatible. But what’s more, it has a touchscreen interface which can manage every task which  before required a PC.

you may have noticed; the Almond+ is wall mountable and really looks better than any other routers. you may wonder what the little+ stands for, on comparison to the previous model. Well this new type of Wifi enable more connected home possibilities. With the Almond app, you can switch off lights, decrease temperature and other cool stuff like that.

What’s not to like ? and for 99$, it’s a real bargain 🙂

an alarm which is a replica of S1Tec’s WRC Start Lights

In fact this alarm is just a fancy replica of a traffic light for rally races, but it looks pretty cool, and is made by the same people that makes the real one for races:

%22LAUNCH%22: The Fastest Way To Start The Day by Stage One Technology Ltd — Kickstarter


here is the complete list of functionalities:


  • Replica of S1Tec’s WRC Start Lights – As seen on the start lines of the World Rally Championship for ten years, and even recently on BBC’s Top Gear.
  • Real WRC Car Sounds – From the 30-second warning light, through to launch, and beyond.
  • Start Light Sequence – Can be set to operate once a minute, on the hour, or just at your alarm time.
  • Brightness Control – Dim it all down at night, or run it at full brightness for maximum effect!
  • Motorsport Technology – We’ve taken technology straight from our motorsport timing systems to build this alarm clock. Why wake up at 7:59:59.993 when you could wake up at 8:00:00.000 and get that extra seven milliseconds in bed – a lot can happen in bed in seven millseconds – so we’re told!!!”

What is weird and sad is that they are planning on losing money, partly because they all lost their jobs. But if you still want one, it cost around 119£ on kickstarter.