Cyborgs are coming…

At first I just wanted to talk about today’s discovery, but then I thought this was to important to be just another bill. Today, when we think of cyborg and human to computer interaction, we usually think of Apple rumored Iwatch, Google upcoming glasses. But in order to be enhanced, the interface has to disappear to connect the bodt directly to the computer. That’s what a recent product called myo wants to do. To have a quick idea of what it actually does, check the video:

this is for me far more advanced than any other product. the interface is absent. The body is the interface, like leap motion, bit myo doesn’t only work in front of a computer, it works everywhere, with drones, robots, computer, smartphones, etc. I clearly see a future where people will have the same, but miniaturized in their forearm, along with GPS accelerometers, NFC etc, and more conservative will just wear the arm band.  What do you think of that as cyborgisation of humanity ? I’de love to hear your thought about this, I’m so exited !

PS: I just preordered mine, and there isn’t a lot more if any left, as my command was 24000 out of 25000 !



bluetooth headphone

You know all about the jambox right ? Ever searched for the equivalent for headphones ?

I did, and I found out the choice is very limited. Basically, there are only sport headphones, like this one:

not  really the same design as the jambox, right ?

well, there are three alternative: Beats bluetooth, which is just like any Beats headphones but wireless, the Jabra Halo, which isn’t that bad in design, but still not my cup of tea, and Tenqua REMXD.

The advantages of this one are his price, the classic design, and that it’s the only one exept the beats to be a minimal classy. Here is how it looks :

you see ? beautiful and minimal, no fancy glowing blue button, like on the sport ones.

The battery lasts 15h, which is plenty, and when you don’t have anymore battery, just in case you travelled 15h in the plane without the possibility to recharge it, you can plug in a double jack cable, which is provided.

Handsfree capabilities allow you to use the built-in mic to answer calls, automatically  pausing anything you were doing just before.

I’m going to buy one for myself, as it only costs 40$, and will probably make my fist first review after that. If you liked it, please like the post or reblog 🙂

design or function ? the Doorbot Wifi Doorbell.

Doesn’t this look wrong ? It’s supposed to be an high-tech doorbell, which I have no doubt it is, but the design… I’m speechless. It looks just like an elevator pannel. You don’t believe  me ? look at this picture and tell me the contrary:

There is even a glowing light ! “which floor are we going mom ?/ It’s not an elevator my son, just an ugly doorbell” And it’s made of “unibody aluminium”, in order to look like apple (or star wars, I don’t know). Seriously guys, aluminium isn’t the only metal on earth is it ? Of course the camera is 3 foot long, like every normal camera.

Appart from that, It’s a camera that can viewed from “anywhere in the world” from your Iphone( so you can make people believe you’re at home). The great feature I give in are the lokitron capabilities, which I’ve already talked about. When someone rings, you get instant one way video chatting, and a lock/unlock button, if a lockitron is connected to your network.

Overall, it’s a great product in a shitty design. I think I will wait to have one with Lockitron neat design, not this elevator functional object.

Have a good holiday ! And thank you very much :)

I am going skiing for half a month in valloire, and I’m going to learn about freeride snowboarding. As an infortunate result I won’t be able to post anything new during this period. Instead I scheduled some old but great post in order not to be out of the game totally. After that, I’ll be leaving to Bath on a school trip. After this is the exam week, but I’ll do my best to provide at least a few posts. I know time linger when I don’t post anything, but you’ll have to get over it 😉 And I’ll never thank you all enough for reading my blog, I won 4followers this week. It may not seem a lot, but it’s a great achievement for me. I also did more than 100 views one day, and that’s something I’m amazingly proud of. Thank you 🙂

Letter to my dear followers :)

All right guys ! I have 22 followers and a growing audience (I did 52 views yesterday) ! What’s more, I just published my 100th post, even thought I reblogged a few. It seems you enjoyed my wallet round up, so I’m thinking about continuing into this round-up i a week habit.
This is where you come in. I need to know what you want me to talk about in the next round-up

  1. Innovative Iphone accessories
  2. Design for Home.
  3. 3D printers
  4. Any other ideas ?

Don’t you think Design for home is gonna be boring stuff, I have a few great sources which will make it interesting.

thanks so much for following, you are all awesome 😀

fitness watch or smart watch

Why not both ? recently, fitbit, UP, and fitbug released their product, and they all insist on how small and lightweight it it, therefore with no screen. Is it really important to ditch the screen to increase mobility ? I don’t think so. Because smart watches are becoming more popular everyday (I almost bought the 250$ from the duty free airport), I strongly believe a product that is both will soon emerge. Will it be fitbit, Jawbone, or a unknown company on kickstarter ? recent succes from peeble makes me think this is what’s going to happen, sometime this year. let’s look at a few fitness watches, then some few smart watch:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although the fitbit is the best tracker to date, you still have to get your smartphone out to check your progress etc. with the new products coming up, you will be able to share your performances on socal networks, research on internet a good running path, and of course call and send sms. Siri seems also like a probability that can’t be excluded. What’s more it seems like something actually useful while running, doing sport you know. I used to believe Apple could still innovate and produce this watch. What a fool I have been.

How the World Will End (Pt. 2)

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20 Tech Trends for 2013


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Catalist meeting

Catalyst meeting


This modest proposal is a response to the Thursday 3rd May meting with Catalyst and OuiShare. This is just a proposition about HOW to manage project financial. I used kickstarter as a reference. In this situation, there are 8 to 10 people in the core team,and 30 in the overall team. There is 15000€ of initial funding. 100€ virtual money is given to everyone each month.


My idea was something like kickstarter pledging, but finally, we kept the idea of a poll with « yes » and « let’s talk about it » so there’s gonna be a lot of discussion, and unwanted project funded. I prefer the idea of autonomy. Of course every person has the same amount of virtual money, refreshed every month. If someone really wants to do a project, he has to convince other people to pledge for him. The “consensus mou” problem is solved. If someone is willing to discuss about it, why not, but there needs to be at least 5 people voting “let’s talk about it” to do so. We could imagine a new page on the website named QuickProject and another one named BigProject.

some rules/

The difference would first be the proportions: for QuickProject, 72h deadline is perfect, while 1 week is better for BigProject. The budget for everybody would be 100€ for example. 70€ would go for Big, and 30€ for Quick, so that there won’t be project unfunded because s.o wants to pledge on his project. It would also be forbidden to pledge all the budget (Quick) in one project. There is a minimum of 1 big and 2 small projects pledged. As there is an information paragraph under every project (minimum 200 words), nobody is left on the side, everybody is a least a little aware of what’s going on. If s.o doesn’t pledge all his money, he loses it, but it doesn’t matter because we’re talking about virtual money. If someone doesn’t pledge his 3 projects, he has a penality of 10% on the total of his budget. If the next month he pledges everything, he’s given the money back for the upcoming month. If he doesn’t, again 10% of the original budget. After 3 times or maybe 5, there should be a report, and a discussion on “does this guy has his place here ?” someone who doesn’t pledge and who doesn’t obey SIMPLE rules can stay in this coop ? In the same way, s.o who doesn’t get the necessary pledging for more than 2/3 of his projects a month should also get 10% away for next month. Maybe ¾ is a better ratio. This rule only applies to people who create more than 10 projects a month. Keep in mind that if s.o doesn’t get pledging for 8 projects and only for 2, he’s a bit out of tune, isn’t he ?


Coming back to the pledge, the minimum amount is 1€ and maximum is 7€, as a project is minimum 15€ and max 50€ or 75€ . I also believe a project must be pledged by a least 3 people, but anyway with the maximum pledge amount I decided, it’s simply impossible to be only 2. If the amount is over expectation, the algorithm lower the pledge of the last pledger, as it is too complicated to give more than expected, like when buying s.t that cost 25€, it’s no use coming with 30€ right ?


With 70€ per person and 30 people, the ever possible amount would be 2100€. But there are things that cost a lot more, like 5000€. For big projects, u can pledge all ur money at once. If u do that, it means you are very interested in the project. So the program writes under the pledging bar, “X really want the project to be achieved. If a certain amount of people (like 15/20) pledged all their remaining money (above 25€), the program says “enough people are okay with the project to use the funds. At that point, the program takes money from the funds and basically put it in the project so that the objective is completed.

Minimum budget for Big is 50€ or 75€ depending on the above decision. Max doesn’t exist, or it depends on how you want to use your funds. For this situation, it could be around 4000, as you just received 15000€ from Lille Metropole. Minimum pledge is 25€, max is 70€.

One last thing: before anyone can see the project, one of the “bosses” (who are administator of the website) must say yes or “let’s talk about it”. this is because it’s about big amount of money. This might give too much power to the “bosses”. That’s why if he says no, the program makes him write an email to the creator, to say why it isn’t accepted. If there ain’t any agreement found, the project pledging is launched, saying this project was disapproved by boss X.

giving the money/

For Kick, the creator of the project gets an email with some kind of paypal receipe number in it (given by the website program) coming from the bank account where the funds are. An email is sent to the bosses, saying “X has enough money, his project XX will happen the XXX at XXX. The news can also be twitted by the community manager, but no email, cause there would be too many. When this is done, at least 3 people must go back on the website an tick “this project was achieved and no fraude was verified” there is a 48h deadline after the date of the event, written in a special field in the online description. There is also the possibility to tick “the project wasn’t meeting our expectation” and “the project was a fraude”. If more than 3 people tick “expectation” he can’t create project during the next month, whatever it is.

If only one, just one says “fraude” he will be contacted by one of the bosses by phone, in order to establish a real contact. If it’s an error or lie, blame. at first 50% off his next budget, in case of recidivism, he won’t be able to create projects for 1 or 2 months and can’t pledge ANY money. If there is a third time, he ‘s fired.

For Big, one of the bosses must do the buying or organizing, with the project creator.

Bosses have credit card of the funds.

There is also the same ticking option..


1/ people might feel a little under pressure, but a beautiful and easy website and easy pledging options would make things easier. And a newsletter (Mail/Twitter/FB) would help people to be aware of what’s going on.

2/regarding the money, I don’t know much about these kind of things.

let me know what are the disadvantages of this Perfect system 😉