Bantam wallet can block or not your RIFD cards


I like RFID blocking wallet for protection against geek thieves, but sometimes I do also like when I can actually use them IN the wallet to. Well someone must have though of people like me when doing the Bantam wallet, because it can either stop all RIFD, one side, or even none ! How do you do that ? just insert a RIFD super-thin protection in your wallet, that is.


Of course, now that you know the secret, you can maybe adapt the idea to your own wallet, but these are the exact format of the bantam, and if it’s for protection, better be sure it protect 100%. But if you are a DIY kind of guy, try it, otherwise just go for this nice looking model, minimalist and all, only 4mm thin (not with cards in of course :p),  premium quality leather from Australia.

The wallet is going to launch on indiegogo on the 3rd of April, but you can also visitJames Watson’s  website for further information :

What’s so special about this Iphone Wallet ? Everything.

We saw already the marvelous SAFE wallet for Iphone, which I considered to be the best Iphone wallet. However, The Wally has many advantages too. Let’s take a quick look at it. It’s made of premium quality leather from Italy, so you bet it’s going to feel and look nice, like it already looks good on the picture. Secondly, the genuine aspect of this product is the way you acces the cards. It’s really simple, and allows your cards to be hidden until you need them. You just pulle the red band and your cards come out. Push your cards back in and that’s it. Super simple. And it uses nano-succion technology, allowing it to be replaceable. How does it work ? Like an octopus they said. Don’t ask me more.

So the Wally is available in ninja black and cowboy brown, but you got to hurry up, as there is only 15 cowboy brown for 42$.

Wallet round-up #7: The Slim wallet

The Slim wallet was the really first of its kind, the first minimalist wallet to launch on kickstarter with more than 200K. It is the most simple wallet you can find, and it looks nice:

I love this yellow/black design, but the Slim is also available in other colors:

Neon OrangeNeon YellowNavy

kind of neat right ? What I prefer about the design is the little cross in the middle. It’s soooo cute :). It can hold up to ten cards, doesn’t damage them, and is RFID compatible, Although if it were not they’ll sa it will protect you from RFID thieves. We live in strange world nowadays. Anyway this wallet successfully launched back in december, but it seemed to me the only wallet worth noticing. It is not possible to buy one right now, as they are shipping kickstarter’s pledges, but here is their website if you want to;

wallet round-up #6: the Dizmio

dizmio dizmiov shape dizmio 2

innovative or usual ? This wallet is just composed out of 2 pieces of aluminium, and a rubber band strap. I’ve seen so many of these on kickstarter, I think they should have a section called: “fucking minimalist wallet for minimalist people who want to look cool and simplify their lives”. I know it may seem a bit long, but that’s what almost are wallets on  kickstarter are about. This one however seems  more intelligent than the other, although it’s still not what i would call “the big idea”.   we’ve seen other wallets here, here, and here. What makes the Dizmio better are the little pieces that help open it with one hand, and how the cards come out in a V shape.

the Dizmio is available on kickstarter now, and I’m confident il will be funded, as all wallets are. It will cost you at least 24$.

Wallet round-up #5: the SAFE wallet for Iphone 5


doesn’t it look good ? After some problems in november, the kickstarter project relaunched, and it’s successful !!! As you can see, the SAFE wallet is an Iphone 5 case with a compartment for cards. You can put 5 cards in it, and a key at the same time.

I also works as a stand, in portait or landscape mode.

It can keep a folded bill in a secret compartment next to the camera.

Maybe you think it adds a big extra thickness and weight to the Iphone, but in fact it doesn’t: it weights 34g and is as thick as a sharpie !

It is available for pre-order now on kickstarter.

wallet round-up #4: the keylet


I know what you’re going to tell me: this is not a wallet. Well maybe I just didn’t wanted to talk about stupid minimalist wallets any more, even thought that’s my objective,  and the full name of the keylet is “Keylet : A Minimal Key and Wallet All In One System”. See ? there is wallet in it. I have an excuse :).

So as you’ve seen, the keylet is a key holder. As a French guy, I have to tell you this kisskissbankbank project had the same idea about a year before. Sadly, his project didn’t make it. The crowndfunding community is France is terrible. I don’t think one out of 1000 people know what it means. And I mean it.

Anyway, what I like about the keylet is that it can store 4 keys in the thickness of 1and a half key, and it doesn’t make a sound.If yo have a specially thick or weird key, you can send the key the  them and  What is super great is that they thought of people with a usb in their pocket: they created the keycaddie, which is also available for USB+key. This one can store 4 keys too, if you don’t take the USB option.

This project ended in September, a dark time when I didn’t have this wonderful blog, so here is their kickstarter ended project,and here is their facebook page, because they don’t even have a website or blog. Even I do, why can’t they have one ? doesn’t matter. What matters is that I found the official video on youtube, because vimeo videos are always blocked. I noticed some blog have the official vimeo videos. How do they do ?

Wallet round-up #3: The Omega Wallet



Probably named after the watch-maker company (or not), this is just like the bridge but with rubber bands to keep the two separate pieces together. It is worth noticing too that the little open part is on the length, not on the width, wich can be a plus if you just need to slide your card in a reader. Did I mentioned it can be used as a bootle opener ?It can take as much as about 10 cards+cash, and comes in a wide range of finition and engravure: Aluminum, titanium, anodized (rainbow), skull engraved,anodized and moreAnodizing options

these are the anodized version, and here are the engraved ones:

Engraving options

I you want, here is a silent video of the Omega which is useless. The Omega is kicksarting now on kickstarter, and is available from 25£, which is 40$.

Wallet round-up #2: the magic wallet !

magic wallet

this walIet is called the magic wallet, and it has good reasons to claim the name magic. I have no idea how this…”trick” is called, but I remember back at school, I had this pencil case that flipped on the other side and changed color. Well this wallet is the same, you just put your money inside, not behind the rubber band, you close it, then open it from the other side, and your money/cards are safe. you can unflip it, and it won’t go away. It’s truly magic. Here is a video of another magic wallet, not this one:

The only downside is that you have to open the wallet after you close it, which seems ineffective. But it’s fun, so who cares ! If you want one, get it now on kickstarter, you can have custom design or carbon fiber or aluminum, Or if you want to make on yourself, you can.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Wallet round-up #1

this week I decided to do a Wallet round-up, for there are many minimalist wallet on kickstarter.

So this wallet is named the bridge, and it really looks like the flip’n grip.


Anyway, the constant aim of wallet maker on kickstarter is to make slim wallet. It became an obsession. Some of them are good, and some are not. I would define this one as good, because it propose a simple solution, and it’s elegant, although a bit thick, as you can see in the photo, where the bridge is empty. Te cool dude in the video is going to explain to you how it works:

not bad hein ? I like the way his father is useless in the video :p

This fantastic (or not) idea comes from this kickstarter page, I hope you enjoy, and see you tomorow for another wallet, as this week is the wallet round-up !

By the way, what do you think of the round-up idea ? is it good ? or not ?