Hex: A copter that anyone can fly!

I apologize for copying their own title, but the basic principle of their quadrocopter couldn’t be explained in a better way.

I love quadrocopters. I though about buying the nanocopter, but it requires a pc and PS3 controller to work. I have a mac, and even if I did have a PC, I don’t really like the idea of having to move around a computer to control a toy. On the other hand, there is the smartphone-controlled  parrot AR drone, which retails for 300€. Not for me.

This one combines the best of the two worlds.

It’s at the same time rather cheap, user-friendly, it can record video, and supports different add-on which can be purchased later. The frame is 3D printed, and can be changed anytime.

As Hex is gaining more and more attention from the DIY community and online press, and has already 26 times their initial pledge, some stretched goals are coming, free of charge:

You still have a lot of time to preorder Hex, as their campaign still has 32 days left to go.


A 379$ beautiful 3D printer ? yes it’s possible.


an you spot it ? It seems to be part of the furniture. The glass base make it look like it’s floating in the air. Magic. What’s more, it is Wifi compatible, meaning you can actually print from everywhere in your home, even on your iPhone/Ipad actually:

Another neat feature, is the easy-to use 3D modeler, which you can see above.

The Bucaneer is currently pre-selling on kickstarter.

world’s most beautiful 3D printer: colors and micron precision.

you may suppose I’m pitching it strong a bit. Well, maybe I am, but just look at this, and we’ll compare it to other 3D printers:


the only one possible to horn in is the FORM 1 (I’m sorry about comparing every printer with the FORM, but it’s the most precise and the most beautiful to date !):


We don’t have much infos on the ProDesk3D, but a feature stands out: It is able to print in different colors without changing the leed manually. It is also as precise as the FORM 1, as they are announcing 25 micron precision, meaning you can’t even see it.

The ProDesk3D by BotObjects isn’t selling yet, as they are still in development, but I’m felling a crowndfunding campaign will likely emerge sonner than later. For Now, they only have a one page Website.

P.S: don’t forget I started a new blog here, which if you liked this kind of stuff, will likely interest you as well 😉

3D printed skull from Joshua Harker is now on sale

Source: consignd.com via Etienne on Pinterest

You may or may not remember, but this high-end piece of art is wildly considered as the first step towards 3D printer mainstreamness. News said: “look, this beautiful piece of modern art is 3D printed, that’s a revolution !!!” Of course, for 95$, it’s not the same result as any makerbot. After printing, the skull is individually sculpted with a laser. Anyway, If you like it, head over here to get yours, shipping is free until May !!!

The 3Doddler, the world’s first 3D printing pen.

You heard me right, this amazing pen can print what you’re drawing with it. The object in itself isn’t really beautiful, but what it can do sure is. All of those sculpture were made BY HAND.

You may think it’s pure magic, but in fact the principle is based on superfast cooling. This way the plastic thread doesn’t fall. As easy as that, really. It uses the same plastic thread as any other 3D printer, and for your pledge you’ll get a full bag of it. Now if you really want to check the engine by yourself, Although it looks like a soldering iron, here  it is:

3Doodler in action

Do you want to see something cool you can do with it, after some practice ?

Actually there is technique to build the Eiffel tower:

2 ft Eiffel Tower Stencil


If you want to buy one for yourself, it only costs 99$ on kickstarter but be quick, there are only 107 left !

3D machine roundup: the Lynx A camera, a 3D scanner

Well, I changed the name of the roundup, but this project is so interesting and related to 3D printer I had to tell you about it. It looks like a giant tablet, and aims to scan your surrounding, as precisely as possible. As you can see in the picture, It scans well faces, as well as your environment.

Yes, It may seem a little vague and not really precise, but it’s something :p. I wonder what it’s worth against kinect, or maybe Leap motion. The comparison goes even further, as the Lynx can also recognize movements. It is a on kickstarter now and sells from 1799$.

3D printer roundup #3: the micron-precise deltamaker

This 3D printer uses yet another printing technique that has a 100 micron layer resolution capability. It uses Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) using 1.75 mm filament for the extreme precision. Basically, it can create really precise objects. Like these ones:

We should probably compare it to the Form 1, even thought it doesn’t use the same technique. The deltamaker can print 9″ diameter x 11″ objects. It is still available for 1700$ here on kickstarter, although it only cost the first five backer 499$. That hurts.