3D printer round-up #2: the Form 1, the most precise ever.

The Form 1 is its name, and it kickstarted back in October, and managed to get 2 500 000$ to mass-production.

it’s not only classy apple-style aluminium, the transparent orange is a genius design move, in my opinion.

So what’s so original about it except the design ? Its performance: using stereolithography, the Form 1 is, according to the makers, 200 times or so more precise. and when you look at the render of machine like the replicator, or makerbot, you start to want something more:

FORM 1: An affordable, professional 3D printer by Formlabs — Kickstarter

do you want to see an object made by the machine to compare ? ? here they are:

To watch it working, check out this video, or go to their finished campaign.

wallet round-up #6: the Dizmio

dizmio dizmiov shape dizmio 2

innovative or usual ? This wallet is just composed out of 2 pieces of aluminium, and a rubber band strap. I’ve seen so many of these on kickstarter, I think they should have a section called: “fucking minimalist wallet for minimalist people who want to look cool and simplify their lives”. I know it may seem a bit long, but that’s what almost are wallets on  kickstarter are about. This one however seems  more intelligent than the other, although it’s still not what i would call “the big idea”.   we’ve seen other wallets here, here, and here. What makes the Dizmio better are the little pieces that help open it with one hand, and how the cards come out in a V shape.

the Dizmio is available on kickstarter now, and I’m confident il will be funded, as all wallets are. It will cost you at least 24$.