the W/Me wristband mood and sport tracker

We know about many functionalities on fitness tracker: sleep cycles, steps, calories burned, which sport is being performed, social sharing, in-depth statistics  etc. However what I’m sure I haven’t seen yet is a mood tracker. And that is, among other things, what the W/ME can do.


The W/ME (I know weird name) has countless features:

  • W/Me CLOUD

I thinks that’s about all, If you want more info about those 10 features, their project page will explain it better than me.

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automatic takes care of your car’s health via iPhone


I don’t know how it is in Europe, as I’m not a driver myself, but in US cars, since 1996, there is a port behind the driving wheel where mechanics connect to collect data from the car, like when it had an accident, or when checking the car. that’s useful for mechanics, but why does nobody uses this port to collect and read the data in real-time ?

Mainly because devices that could read and display this data would have been huge screens, nothing practical. Now with the rencent rise of smartphones, it is possible. The Automatic is a rather small piece of hardware that connect to this port and sends it to the smartphone via bluetooth 4.0, meaning minimal battery impact.

The automatic really wants to make it right, and doesn’t stop there at all.

  • Automatics first analyzes your driving habits and warns you when you burn to much fuel for nothing/ resulting in gas savings. 
  • Automatic knows where your car is, so you won’t have any trouble finding where it is in a parking lot.
  • Automatic tells you where the problem is and its nature, if a problem happens.
  • Automatic calls 911, local authorities or friends if you have an accident.

So what not to like ? There are no monthly fees, and it only costs 79$, an can save you hundred a year on gas. What are you waiting for fellow driver ? Pre-Order Now !

The virtual lock for your bike is called bikespicke, and it seems awesome so far

Virtual lock ? what does that possibly means ? To understand the concept, you have to know how this add-on for bikes works. First, just place it on your bike.

The BikeSpike on a bicycle without the cage

As the bikespike is GPS monitored, you can choose in the Iphone app when it is or isn’t supposed to move:

User Interface on an iPhone 5

Now, if the bike moves when it’s not supposed to, you will be notified, and a SMS can be send to friends who live nearby, with the exact location of the bike. Of course you can go and search it yourself if ou prefer (I think I do).

Secondly, it can be used with fitness apps, for the basics stuff, speed, journey, cal, stuff like that. The SDK is open, so if the project succeed, other developers will be able to develop their own apps. Isn’t it neat ?

If you want to own one, you’de better pre-order one, and spread the word around you, as for now, it isn’t likely to be funded


telepresence at its best: KUBI, a robotic Ipad stand for video calls.

Before the video, I wasn’t very exited about the project. Kubi looked like a bicornuate to me. But I soon realized It was one of the object I’ll save money for, thinking about it everyday. I’m like that.

So KUBI is a robotic Ipad stand you can control from the other side of the world, a bit like the Romo, but the it is for Iphone only and can move around. But KUBI isn’t a toy: It’s a tool first designed for pros, not for amusement, that’s why the design is more sober than the romo.

The romo is controlled by the app, wich works like this:

the only downside to this app, but it is not their fault, is that the two caller need the app. You can also call with facetime, but you won’t be able to make the KUBI move by tapping the screen, but through a web browser, on another tablet or computer.

The KUbi is for the moment on indiegogo, waiting for your to back it. You can get it for 200$.

the best 802.11ac router to date, the Almond+

have you ever heard of 802.11ac wifi ? The name is really similar to 802.11n, but the specs are just better in the two known ways:

  • real Gigabit capacities
  • Wider area covered

This fancy router is one of the first to be compatible. But what’s more, it has a touchscreen interface which can manage every task which  before required a PC.

you may have noticed; the Almond+ is wall mountable and really looks better than any other routers. you may wonder what the little+ stands for, on comparison to the previous model. Well this new type of Wifi enable more connected home possibilities. With the Almond app, you can switch off lights, decrease temperature and other cool stuff like that.

What’s not to like ? and for 99$, it’s a real bargain 🙂

Scandock, an Iphone scanner accessory

At first I thought it was an entire scanner for the Iphone, but it turned out the Scandock is just a couple of lightbulbs and an Iphone holder to take photos. it seems to make better scans than IOS apps (of course), and has a great lighting treatment. However,as it costs 475$, I would definitely recommend any other PC scanners. It comes from kickstarter


fitness watch or smart watch

Why not both ? recently, fitbit, UP, and fitbug released their product, and they all insist on how small and lightweight it it, therefore with no screen. Is it really important to ditch the screen to increase mobility ? I don’t think so. Because smart watches are becoming more popular everyday (I almost bought the 250$ from the duty free airport), I strongly believe a product that is both will soon emerge. Will it be fitbit, Jawbone, or a unknown company on kickstarter ? recent succes from peeble makes me think this is what’s going to happen, sometime this year. let’s look at a few fitness watches, then some few smart watch:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although the fitbit is the best tracker to date, you still have to get your smartphone out to check your progress etc. with the new products coming up, you will be able to share your performances on socal networks, research on internet a good running path, and of course call and send sms. Siri seems also like a probability that can’t be excluded. What’s more it seems like something actually useful while running, doing sport you know. I used to believe Apple could still innovate and produce this watch. What a fool I have been.