Hex: A copter that anyone can fly!

I apologize for copying their own title, but the basic principle of their quadrocopter couldn’t be explained in a better way.

I love quadrocopters. I though about buying the nanocopter, but it requires a pc and PS3 controller to work. I have a mac, and even if I did have a PC, I don’t really like the idea of having to move around a computer to control a toy. On the other hand, there is the smartphone-controlled  parrot AR drone, which retails for 300€. Not for me.

This one combines the best of the two worlds.

It’s at the same time rather cheap, user-friendly, it can record video, and supports different add-on which can be purchased later. The frame is 3D printed, and can be changed anytime.

As Hex is gaining more and more attention from the DIY community and online press, and has already 26 times their initial pledge, some stretched goals are coming, free of charge:

You still have a lot of time to preorder Hex, as their campaign still has 32 days left to go.


instead of a quadrocopter, why not buy a robot dragonfly ?

well, because the colors, the look, and the shape are just hurting the eyes.

just look at it ! the dragonfly is not imposing, not classy, and the weird shape doesn’t arrange anything. It looks like an interesting technology,  but do you prefer to drive something which looks like a spaceship or a monster dragonfly ? I’ve made my choice already, and my favorite drone out there is the Mimix, which sadly didn’t get funded, god know why.

But as the video said, it’s almost noiseless  has an HD camera, so it can be used by the army. But for the public, I don’t find this product good at all.

and you, which one do you prefer ?