Let’s fund Wally case !

I already talked about Wally Wallet, but the wally case differs a little it includes a physical case:

Apart from that, the wally wallet is the same, the idea behind it hasn’t changed: you can put a few credit card and swipe them out in an easy and funny way:

I guess If I had one I would spend the entire day opening and closing :p.

However, everything isn’t bright in Distil Union: The Wally case is not going to get funded, unless you help them, and soon ! The campaign still has 4 days to go, and as the creators put it, they just need 75 backers to successfully launch the Wally Case on kickstarter !


DOCKr 4in1 solution for Ipad: keyboard, battery, speakers, usb, protective case.

Actually The DOCKr is advertised as a 6in one Product, but the last two are “colos and style” and “multiple angles of viewing”, wich aren’t really features, you know. At first, the DOCKr seems like a cheap plastic accessory, and that’s too bad, because in fact, it is one of the most advanced solutions to turn any Ipad in a small computer.

See ? it looks like a toy. Nevertheless, It’s actually great. The battery included is about 4-8h, and can charge other devices, via the usb port. The keyboard in fact is just a space for the apple bluetooth keyboard or the inuenvo keyboard they sell, but as it is the best bluetooth keyboard, we won’t complain about that, are we ? A noteworthy feature, the Ipad can be in portrait or landscape mode. Neat. Last but not least, the wireless speakers are bluetooth, stereo, and are effective from 30 feet. for 135$ with a keyboard,The DOCKr really a good deal.

rollin’slide case for Iphone 5 seems to be able to do anything

If you read it before, just know that the project relaunched recently.

The Rollin’slide one of the best Iphone case out there. Let’s see why.

First the idea is a case that slides, allowing easier universal docking:

So that’s the main feature of the rolling slide case. But what it can also do is contain one credit card in between the case and the Iphone. Sliding the case allows easy access to it:

Recently, this feature has become more and more mainstream, so it shouldn’t appear as a mind-blowing feature. What is indeed a H bomb-blowing feature is the little fragrance stick (yes you read right, perfume), an accessory mostly aimed for the ladies, although It isn’t absolutely forbidden to us, men, to use it.

Wait ! that’s not all ! The space used by the fragrance stick can also be used for a usb key (8gb) little less “tendance” than perfume, but a lot more useful for sure.

Last but not least feature, a small screen cleaner can be put in this space as well. I personally prefer the usb stick, as no on needs a screen cleaner, just use your tee-shirt goddamnit ! Anyway don’t confound the perfume stick and the screen cleaner, they look kind of the same:

I fell like I’ve run a marathon, but no, it’s just another Iphone case. Or an incredible supernatural magnificent multifunction case, you decide.If you really want it so badly as I do or want more infos about the rolling slide case, Go to kickstarter and see for yourself.

tidytilt+, a multifunction magnetic case combined to an earbuds holder and a Smart Cover

There have been multiple attempt to bring an equivalent of the smartcover to the Iphone, as some people tried to create magnetic cases for Iphone, which it didn’t really suceded in, And finally, some people have been searching everywhere for a bud holder.

Well, if you have an Iphone 4/4s/5, You can get the three in one simple object: The Tidytilt+.

Kind of neat, isn’t it ? The 4/4s version sails for 22$ for a limited period, and The Iphone 5 case+tidytilt recently landed on kickstarter. That is how the Iphone 5 tidyltilt looks like:

This version is proposed at 29$, which isn’t bad for such a product. If you add some money to your pledge, you’ll get a magnetic holder, for any magnetic objects  like keys, your tidytilt case, or your bud holder. The design is again aluminium, but looks nice:

I hope You enjoyed it 🙂

like to type on your ipad with a real keyboard ?

well, the touchtype does just that. it’s an ipad case that has a dedicated space for the apple bluetooth keyboard underneath. Of course it ads a little extra weight to your Ipad, but the touchtype has a few good ideas. here are a few photos of this case, but you can also go check by yourself the video on the kickstarter page, or on their website.

as you can see, it’s ain’t as bulky as one would have expected. only the thin part of the keyboard is under the ipad. But it ads an extra length and width, so then if you really need to type a lot, why not consider buying a macbook air ? prices are falling for previous generation, and apple refurbished product prices are great too, starting from 799$, it’s as much as the low-end macbook air.(I bought mine refurbished).