DoorJamz is a fully customizable doorbell controlled by your smartphone

I previously talked about wifi doorbell, and the awesome lockitron, but this doorbell has a different goal: it just enables you to play your music,placed on an SD card, and control everything using your Iphone. It can also schedule the sound for naps, etc. Finally, you can schedule for the year which music you want to be played everyday. Oh, and I almost forgot it has a motion detector instead of a button, and that every time it rings, a snapshot is sent to your device. Will you remember all of this ? I don’t think I will, but I certainly like the original design of the DoorJamz:

before heading to their indiegogo project, you might want to check this funny video they made:



Bantam wallet can block or not your RIFD cards


I like RFID blocking wallet for protection against geek thieves, but sometimes I do also like when I can actually use them IN the wallet to. Well someone must have though of people like me when doing the Bantam wallet, because it can either stop all RIFD, one side, or even none ! How do you do that ? just insert a RIFD super-thin protection in your wallet, that is.


Of course, now that you know the secret, you can maybe adapt the idea to your own wallet, but these are the exact format of the bantam, and if it’s for protection, better be sure it protect 100%. But if you are a DIY kind of guy, try it, otherwise just go for this nice looking model, minimalist and all, only 4mm thin (not with cards in of course :p),  premium quality leather from Australia.

The wallet is going to launch on indiegogo on the 3rd of April, but you can also visitJames Watson’s  website for further information :

Wallet round-up #3: The Omega Wallet



Probably named after the watch-maker company (or not), this is just like the bridge but with rubber bands to keep the two separate pieces together. It is worth noticing too that the little open part is on the length, not on the width, wich can be a plus if you just need to slide your card in a reader. Did I mentioned it can be used as a bootle opener ?It can take as much as about 10 cards+cash, and comes in a wide range of finition and engravure: Aluminum, titanium, anodized (rainbow), skull engraved,anodized and moreAnodizing options

these are the anodized version, and here are the engraved ones:

Engraving options

I you want, here is a silent video of the Omega which is useless. The Omega is kicksarting now on kickstarter, and is available from 25£, which is 40$.