The waka waka Iphone solar charger ! (yeah like the song)

Great isn’t it ? just a little more weight to carry around, but around 2h of talk time nonetheless. As always, true innovation comes from kicksarter, a crowfunding platform.

What I think I love the most about it is the fact that it also works as a lamp, is very portable, and the boss of this new company is very committed to humanity actions. For every piece you buy, he will personally make sure he gives one to unicef or some other humanitarian.

It also looks good, not the classic stainless steel or crafted aluminium which are being used to much in design nowadays.

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bluetooth headphone

You know all about the jambox right ? Ever searched for the equivalent for headphones ?

I did, and I found out the choice is very limited. Basically, there are only sport headphones, like this one:

not  really the same design as the jambox, right ?

well, there are three alternative: Beats bluetooth, which is just like any Beats headphones but wireless, the Jabra Halo, which isn’t that bad in design, but still not my cup of tea, and Tenqua REMXD.

The advantages of this one are his price, the classic design, and that it’s the only one exept the beats to be a minimal classy. Here is how it looks :

you see ? beautiful and minimal, no fancy glowing blue button, like on the sport ones.

The battery lasts 15h, which is plenty, and when you don’t have anymore battery, just in case you travelled 15h in the plane without the possibility to recharge it, you can plug in a double jack cable, which is provided.

Handsfree capabilities allow you to use the built-in mic to answer calls, automatically  pausing anything you were doing just before.

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design or function ? the Doorbot Wifi Doorbell.

Doesn’t this look wrong ? It’s supposed to be an high-tech doorbell, which I have no doubt it is, but the design… I’m speechless. It looks just like an elevator pannel. You don’t believe  me ? look at this picture and tell me the contrary:

There is even a glowing light ! “which floor are we going mom ?/ It’s not an elevator my son, just an ugly doorbell” And it’s made of “unibody aluminium”, in order to look like apple (or star wars, I don’t know). Seriously guys, aluminium isn’t the only metal on earth is it ? Of course the camera is 3 foot long, like every normal camera.

Appart from that, It’s a camera that can viewed from “anywhere in the world” from your Iphone( so you can make people believe you’re at home). The great feature I give in are the lokitron capabilities, which I’ve already talked about. When someone rings, you get instant one way video chatting, and a lock/unlock button, if a lockitron is connected to your network.

Overall, it’s a great product in a shitty design. I think I will wait to have one with Lockitron neat design, not this elevator functional object.

the rinser, an almost magical toothbrush

got the idea ? it’s kind of simple when you think of it: it’s like when you put a spoon under the flowing water, except that in the rinser, the coming back water is canalized through the little hole when you push the button, so that the water doesn’t flow the all house;

The head are also interchangeable, which is a great thing for it starts a t 22$, a lot more expensive than other toothbrush, even though it provides a unique feature. It even won the red dot innovation award ! I think i’m gonna ask father Christmas for a toothbrush this year 🙂

instead of a quadrocopter, why not buy a robot dragonfly ?

well, because the colors, the look, and the shape are just hurting the eyes.

just look at it ! the dragonfly is not imposing, not classy, and the weird shape doesn’t arrange anything. It looks like an interesting technology,  but do you prefer to drive something which looks like a spaceship or a monster dragonfly ? I’ve made my choice already, and my favorite drone out there is the Mimix, which sadly didn’t get funded, god know why.

But as the video said, it’s almost noiseless  has an HD camera, so it can be used by the army. But for the public, I don’t find this product good at all.

and you, which one do you prefer ?

the Olive One: the idea of the All-in-One Home Music Player comes true

the Olive One is a recessive idea in music management: create a tactile experience in the living room for easy music listening. But it’s not just a utopian concept created on paint by a jobless designer. It actually looks good, and fell easy to navigate. First, the design is cool, nobody would deny it:

the only little downside I would find here is the shape of the screen, which could have been round, but it’s not really important. And it can be mounted to walls. You can also add huge speakers under the One, just like this:

Secondly, the OS doesn’t come from nowhere and looks really efficient: It combines youtube, Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Aupeo, Songza, and many more. That means if you have a Spotify account, You can stream all you music seamlessly to your Olive One. this makes the olive one even more useful, in my opinion.

The Olive one can easily connect to other One around,making it possible to listen to your music in all the house at the same time, just like airplay promised a few years ago. It connects over wifi to all your Wi-fi enabled speakers, including those directly sold by them, which can also be put under each other to create a sound tower. In this way, the Olive music system is very flexible.

Thirdly what we all want know is to control all of this with our smartphone or tablets. So logically, A free IOS and Android app is coming with the Olive One, and a windows 8 app too is scheduled. The Olive also has this weird function to connect to your TV, which is said to become the center of our modern home, although people like them don’t think this way; So why sink the boat you’re sailing with ? Well I don’t know.

The Olive One also has Twitter and facebook connectivity, which means you can share the music or videos you are watching with, well, your followers and friends. It also has a 1TB hard drive, large enough for almost any music library. IT also functions as a personal cloud, so if you are abroad, you can connect yo you Olive on your smarthone and play the songs and videos in there, just like any NAS or cloud solutions.

That is how it looks mounted on a wall, it just the dream of every music moler ( at least me):

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Opa (gangnam style),an ipad stereo speaker case !

I don’t know if it was meant to sound like the most popular video ever, but this object is called the Opa. It’s like a sound bar for your Ipad, because we all know how bad the speakers are. if you don’t want to invest in such a big and expensive product,  you can find cheap accessories, or 3d print one by yourself, if you have a 3D printer. other folks on kickstarter did this:

Unsuccessfully, the kickstarter campaign has been stopped, by the creators of the project for obscure reasons. If you want one, stay connected to their website. The Opas used to start at 99$, which isn’t that bad, for a product that looks and fell good. Watch the video if you are interested:

Analyst thinks ‘iPhone 5S’ due in June with better camera, NFC, multiple color options

honestly, I think this analyst has been payed by Samsung, in order for average consumer to think apple is fooling them. But if the Iphone 5s could have the Ipod’s design, It would be so awesome, really.

Popslate, an E-ink case for Iphone 5 only

Today, the popslate doesn’t come from kicksarter, but from indiegogo, which is almost the same thing, except it’s not as known. It’s called the popslate, and the idea is to add a low-resolution E-ink screen at the back of your Iphone 5. according to the company, “That means it’s low-power, always-on, super-readable in direct sunlight, and totally customizable”. What will I use it for, you might ask ?  With the popslate app, you can send any picture you take or from your library on your popslate. Or you can display text, like a training program, in order not to uses the battery and the glowing screen, Or you enven use it to display a map, or the weather, or other information, via the popslate app. What is great is that they are planning on publishing an API, which would allow third-party applications, like games, rss viewers, fitness applications, running applications, music applications, all sport apps will benefit from this innovating Iphone case. The main downside is the absence of touchscreen, which is compensated by the gyroscope: you can double tap the popslate screen with two finger to change page, for exemple.

Here is the video you can find on indiegogo:

If only I had an Iphone 5, I would definitely think about buying it, as it only costs 99$, if you pledge now on indiegogo (I know that’s a weird name). The project is ending soon.

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