the W/Me wristband mood and sport tracker

We know about many functionalities on fitness tracker: sleep cycles, steps, calories burned, which sport is being performed, social sharing, in-depth statistics  etc. However what I’m sure I haven’t seen yet is a mood tracker. And that is, among other things, what the W/ME can do.


The W/ME (I know weird name) has countless features:

  • W/Me CLOUD

I thinks that’s about all, If you want more info about those 10 features, their project page will explain it better than me.

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Jawbone UP

You may have heard before of Jawbone. It’s the apple of speakers, just like dyson is the apple of vacuum cleaners. Man, I think those are my four favorite companies, the fourth one being leap motion. the UP is a product that was ment to be released 1 year ago, but after shipping, many devices had battery issues and stuff, so it was delayed. Now it’s coming back.

anyway, this time, it’s not an ear phone, nor a bigger jambox, but a kind of sport tracking watch, without the watch. it looks more like a wrist-watch. a neat wrist-watch. Like always with those four companies I mentioned before, Jawbone has this design and 6th sense that makes me love their product so badly I could save years to save to buy something.

that’s how it looks:

cute isn’t it ? one extremity covers a jack output, to sync it with your smartphone. Sadly there is no mac app. It works as a pedometer an alarm to remind you to move, a night mode to analyze how well you sleep, and you can even track your calories with the UP app, by taking photo and describing what you ate. you can earn rewards, just like foursquare. it’s entirely waterproof, and the new battery doesn’t seem to have the same problem as its predecesor, and lasts about a week.

why choose this pedometer instead of its competitor ? well, I think this device doesn’t look like what it really is. it really looks like a wristwatch that everyone can wear, not a huge watch with a heartbeat sensor etc. Its a luxury product, in a way. Just like I said, jawbone the apple of speakers and now pedometers too.

better than fitbit, the amiigo, a social fitness tracker

at first I wasn’t really enthusiast about the amiigo, what looked like the same object as the fitbit. then I realized the full potential of such a device, and how FitBit is just a baby step in the fitness tracker industry.

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what does it do better than any other tracker ?

For first there is a foot bracelet, to improve the data captured by the device.

Secondly, the program is made to recognize what type of exercise is being done. It even recognize the difference between running and treadmill. What to ask more ?

The amiigo is pre) selling now in undiegogo