Helios Bars – Transform any bike into a smart bike.

if you know about fixie, then you probably don’t want to add extra lights, speed counters, GPS to your bike. It would make it ugly. Helio bars can do all of it, in the bar:

The two models proposed, the bullhorn and the drop style look absolutly gorgeous :


The Helios includes one front light, which seems decently powerful, two side lights, which you can activate in blinking re when turning, a Low powered GPS, and a speed counter, which can make the two rear lights change color accordingly:

What’s more, the Helios comes with an iPhone app, in which you can set light color, anda bluetooth proximity sensor wich will light the bike when you arrive. The GPS function sin’t really included in the app, but a weird SMS system allows you to text your bike, and it will respond the exact location. I would have preferred a real time map, but for some reasons, it isn’t there.

Anyway, the Helios bars is the best bike gadget I’ve seen so far, and I’ll definitely buy one soon !



TRACE activity monitor for action sports

Activity monitors are common. Running and cycling ones especially. There are a tons of these out there, which can keep track of tons of useful data: heart rate, step’s length, kl, etc. Although i’m a cycling fan’ these devices usually don’t appeal to me much. All I want to know is my average speed, top speed, how long it took, and compare it with other local bikers with strava.

However it happens I am an olympic-level snowboarder, and what differs in action sports compared to run/bike, is that there are many differents movements, forces, speed to keep track of. TRACE aims to be THE solution for all the frustrated skateboards/Surfers/Snowboarders that can’t have this kind of data, expect with outrageously expensive hardware 



i’m not a fan of surfing and skating, so that’s why I’m mainly focusing on snowboard, but know that the creator of the TRACE have thought of all three sport equaly: all have their own app in the app store: RE surf, RE skate, RE snow. Here are some screenshot or the beta versions of theses apps, which seem to be at an advanced stage:

For Skaters: Profile, Visit Detail, Trick Detail


For Surfers: Visit Detail, Profile, Graph Detail


AlpineReplay: Graph Detail, Newsfeed, Run Breakdown


TRACE works with bluetooth 4.0 and WiFI, but doesn’t need to be connected to your smartphone to work (which would be hard while surfing for example. It is still possible to get TRACE for 129$, although it maddens me a bit that the early bird version was 30$ cheaper and will ship 3 weeks early.

rollin’slide case for Iphone 5 seems to be able to do anything

If you read it before, just know that the project relaunched recently.

The Rollin’slide one of the best Iphone case out there. Let’s see why.

First the idea is a case that slides, allowing easier universal docking:

So that’s the main feature of the rolling slide case. But what it can also do is contain one credit card in between the case and the Iphone. Sliding the case allows easy access to it:

Recently, this feature has become more and more mainstream, so it shouldn’t appear as a mind-blowing feature. What is indeed a H bomb-blowing feature is the little fragrance stick (yes you read right, perfume), an accessory mostly aimed for the ladies, although It isn’t absolutely forbidden to us, men, to use it.

Wait ! that’s not all ! The space used by the fragrance stick can also be used for a usb key (8gb) little less “tendance” than perfume, but a lot more useful for sure.

Last but not least feature, a small screen cleaner can be put in this space as well. I personally prefer the usb stick, as no on needs a screen cleaner, just use your tee-shirt goddamnit ! Anyway don’t confound the perfume stick and the screen cleaner, they look kind of the same:

I fell like I’ve run a marathon, but no, it’s just another Iphone case. Or an incredible supernatural magnificent multifunction case, you decide.If you really want it so badly as I do or want more infos about the rolling slide case, Go to kickstarter and see for yourself.

The crabby wallet stands out of the profusion of kickstarter wallet

I stooped talking about wallets because recently, nothing new is around. Well that’s not true anymore, the Crabby wallet is in the place !

The crabby wallet has 3 main features:

first, it can hold cards and cash, as many as 10, which  the basic functionality of any wallet.

Secondly, it can hold a key attached to the key ring:

last but not least, It can hold an Iphone, making the crabby wallet a new kind of Iphone wallet, one which can be used with or without the phone. In my opinion, this is the key selling point, even if the key ring is practical.

If you wan tot get yours, hurry up, they are selling really well !

DoorJamz is a fully customizable doorbell controlled by your smartphone

I previously talked about wifi doorbell, and the awesome lockitron, but this doorbell has a different goal: it just enables you to play your music,placed on an SD card, and control everything using your Iphone. It can also schedule the sound for naps, etc. Finally, you can schedule for the year which music you want to be played everyday. Oh, and I almost forgot it has a motion detector instead of a button, and that every time it rings, a snapshot is sent to your device. Will you remember all of this ? I don’t think I will, but I certainly like the original design of the DoorJamz:

before heading to their indiegogo project, you might want to check this funny video they made:


thermodo thermometer FINALLY gives real time temperature to the Iphone

One of the iphone meteo app is that the temperature is taken by external sensors, so indoor temperature is absolutely impossible to mesure. Until now. Robocat team, which is behind thermo (a weather app with more than 2 000 000 downloads), has found the solution. It’s called Thermodo.

So small, We can wonder why it’s not directly integrated IN the Iphone, but God works in mysterious ways. Anyway, it works exactly like you would expect it to work, launch the thermodo app, connect the thermodo in the jack port, and exact temperature will show up. The battery impact is close to none, so you can leave the thermodo in place if you want, or put it back on your keychain.

So you see, It’s not to complicated. It works from -20 to 50 °C degrees, more than the Iphone itself can bare. Pledge now to get your owns, it just costs a little 25$

tidytilt+, a multifunction magnetic case combined to an earbuds holder and a Smart Cover

There have been multiple attempt to bring an equivalent of the smartcover to the Iphone, as some people tried to create magnetic cases for Iphone, which it didn’t really suceded in, And finally, some people have been searching everywhere for a bud holder.

Well, if you have an Iphone 4/4s/5, You can get the three in one simple object: The Tidytilt+.

Kind of neat, isn’t it ? The 4/4s version sails for 22$ for a limited period, and The Iphone 5 case+tidytilt recently landed on kickstarter. That is how the Iphone 5 tidyltilt looks like:

This version is proposed at 29$, which isn’t bad for such a product. If you add some money to your pledge, you’ll get a magnetic holder, for any magnetic objects  like keys, your tidytilt case, or your bud holder. The design is again aluminium, but looks nice:

I hope You enjoyed it 🙂

Wallet round-up #5: the SAFE wallet for Iphone 5


doesn’t it look good ? After some problems in november, the kickstarter project relaunched, and it’s successful !!! As you can see, the SAFE wallet is an Iphone 5 case with a compartment for cards. You can put 5 cards in it, and a key at the same time.

I also works as a stand, in portait or landscape mode.

It can keep a folded bill in a secret compartment next to the camera.

Maybe you think it adds a big extra thickness and weight to the Iphone, but in fact it doesn’t: it weights 34g and is as thick as a sharpie !

It is available for pre-order now on kickstarter.

Scandock, an Iphone scanner accessory

At first I thought it was an entire scanner for the Iphone, but it turned out the Scandock is just a couple of lightbulbs and an Iphone holder to take photos. it seems to make better scans than IOS apps (of course), and has a great lighting treatment. However,as it costs 475$, I would definitely recommend any other PC scanners. It comes from kickstarter


keycard, lock your mac with your phone

keycard is a simple yet very practical app that allows you to lock you mac by simply walking away.Well, I mean You and your smartphone walking away. As simple as that.

no doubt this is very useful but the maker seems to overestimate the value of the app, for it costs an arm, really: 6,99$. I also fell concerned about battery usage, because I don’t own an Iphone 4s and over, which have bluetooth 4.0. Anyway, seems like fun.

Video – Detailed 1 Hour comparison of Nokia Lumia 920 vs Apple iPhone 5

a bit long but great if you hesitate between the 2


Here’s a thorough comparison of Nokia Lumia 920 vs Apple iPhone 5.
Size, Browser, Maps, Apps etc gets compared.

Get some popcorn & turn on the video 🙂

Enjoy !!

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Popslate, an E-ink case for Iphone 5 only

Today, the popslate doesn’t come from kicksarter, but from indiegogo, which is almost the same thing, except it’s not as known. It’s called the popslate, and the idea is to add a low-resolution E-ink screen at the back of your Iphone 5. according to the company, “That means it’s low-power, always-on, super-readable in direct sunlight, and totally customizable”. What will I use it for, you might ask ?  With the popslate app, you can send any picture you take or from your library on your popslate. Or you can display text, like a training program, in order not to uses the battery and the glowing screen, Or you enven use it to display a map, or the weather, or other information, via the popslate app. What is great is that they are planning on publishing an API, which would allow third-party applications, like games, rss viewers, fitness applications, running applications, music applications, all sport apps will benefit from this innovating Iphone case. The main downside is the absence of touchscreen, which is compensated by the gyroscope: you can double tap the popslate screen with two finger to change page, for exemple.

Here is the video you can find on indiegogo:

If only I had an Iphone 5, I would definitely think about buying it, as it only costs 99$, if you pledge now on indiegogo (I know that’s a weird name). The project is ending soon.

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