Jawbone UP

You may have heard before of Jawbone. It’s the apple of speakers, just like dyson is the apple of vacuum cleaners. Man, I think those are my four favorite companies, the fourth one being leap motion. the UP is a product that was ment to be released 1 year ago, but after shipping, many devices had battery issues and stuff, so it was delayed. Now it’s coming back.

anyway, this time, it’s not an ear phone, nor a bigger jambox, but a kind of sport tracking watch, without the watch. it looks more like a wrist-watch. a neat wrist-watch. Like always with those four companies I mentioned before, Jawbone has this design and 6th sense that makes me love their product so badly I could save years to save to buy something.

that’s how it looks:

cute isn’t it ? one extremity covers a jack output, to sync it with your smartphone. Sadly there is no mac app. It works as a pedometer an alarm to remind you to move, a night mode to analyze how well you sleep, and you can even track your calories with the UP app, by taking photo and describing what you ate. you can earn rewards, just like foursquare. it’s entirely waterproof, and the new battery doesn’t seem to have the same problem as its predecesor, and lasts about a week.

why choose this pedometer instead of its competitor ? well, I think this device doesn’t look like what it really is. it really looks like a wristwatch that everyone can wear, not a huge watch with a heartbeat sensor etc. Its a luxury product, in a way. Just like I said, jawbone the apple of speakers and now pedometers too.


fitness watch or smart watch

Why not both ? recently, fitbit, UP, and fitbug released their product, and they all insist on how small and lightweight it it, therefore with no screen. Is it really important to ditch the screen to increase mobility ? I don’t think so. Because smart watches are becoming more popular everyday (I almost bought the 250$ from the duty free airport), I strongly believe a product that is both will soon emerge. Will it be fitbit, Jawbone, or a unknown company on kickstarter ? recent succes from peeble makes me think this is what’s going to happen, sometime this year. let’s look at a few fitness watches, then some few smart watch:

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Although the fitbit is the best tracker to date, you still have to get your smartphone out to check your progress etc. with the new products coming up, you will be able to share your performances on socal networks, research on internet a good running path, and of course call and send sms. Siri seems also like a probability that can’t be excluded. What’s more it seems like something actually useful while running, doing sport you know. I used to believe Apple could still innovate and produce this watch. What a fool I have been.