the compact wallet is the perfect compromise between accessibility and minimalism (hands-on review)

Hey guys ! today is a great day ūüėÄ want to know why ? It’s my first ever hands-on review ! Let’s get started !

I saw, from far many, many, MANY minimalist wallets on kickstarter. the first one was, If I¬†remember¬†well, the slim. since then, and their incredible succes (220 000$), nobody can count how many young designers hoped to achieve the same. Kickstarter tells me there are 121¬†projects with “wallet” in their name. That’s huge. So how can the compact stand out of the plethora of those ? Well, in fact, by not trying too. Many want to innovate too much, and come up with ridiculous ideas, like this one if you want to laugh.

Anyway, my wallet used to be a mighty wallet, which already aims to make wallets thinners:

in real life, with all my cards inside, it looked like this:

2013-04-24 12.55.38   2013-04-24 12.56.58

Not so bad, but I don’t have much to cary, as you can see. After making a few sacrifices, here is what I choose to put in my compact wallet:

2013-04-24 12.58.31

As the compact wallet only has one metallic piece, the thickness is only the cards and the rubber band. After putting my cards in, It was about 0,8cm.

After a few days of use, I find it easier to manage than my previous wallet. cards couldn’t fall out, and the little clipping made it easier to stretch the rubber band and acces my cards. If you don’t have a tons of cards in it, as they propose no more than 12, but honestly, I’de say no more than 8, after that, the rubber band’s too stretched to mange easy acces to them.

What I also find great is the possibility to separate two deck you cards. I personally put business cards and fidelity cards on one side, and other credit, assurance cards, etc on the other.

finally the metallic texture fells good, and looks good.

There are, however, a few disadvantages.

I won’t say it holds less cards than usual wallets, because that’s the aim, but if you want to transpose your old into this one, you will have a few troubles. It is made to change you wallet’s use.

First, there are only three colors, including black. I don’t even imagine using the green one with white rubber band. Never.

Secondly, the rubber band’s finition could have been better, but the metallic piece highly compensate this default.

What’s the verdict ? I’m gonna stick with this new wallet until I buy an Iphone, then I’ll probably buy the SAFE wallet for Iphone 5. It is a great minimalist wallet, better than many of them, but not the king yet.



THE most complicated puzzle ever, sanity, is insane !

Why so much passion ? Well this puzzle has over¬†2 Trillion possible combinations, few compared to the¬†forty-three trillion¬†possibilities¬†of the Rubik’s cube, but still, based on pure luck, the Rubik’s cube would take the age of the universe to resolve, so this one might only tale 5% of the age of the universe…At least if you do it based on luck.¬†

Although it is a little big, I love the idea, and one of the killer feature is that every sanity is unique, making it impossible to watch videos on youtube to explain the whole process. Here is a scheme to show you how it works, although I didn’t fully understand the 5 axis thing…


If you are still interested, spread the word and pre-order on kickstarter before it’s too late !

Bantam wallet can block or not your RIFD cards


I like RFID blocking wallet for protection against geek thieves, but sometimes I do also like when I can actually use them IN the wallet to. Well someone must have though of people like me when doing the Bantam wallet, because it can either stop all RIFD, one side, or even none ! How do you do that ? just insert a RIFD super-thin protection in your wallet, that is.


Of course, now that you know the secret, you can maybe adapt the idea to your own wallet, but these are the exact format of the bantam, and if it’s for protection, better be sure it protect 100%. But if you are a DIY kind of guy, try it, otherwise just go for this nice looking model, minimalist and all, only 4mm thin (not with cards in of course :p), ¬†premium quality leather from¬†Australia.

The wallet is going to launch on indiegogo on the 3rd of April, but you can also visitJames Watson’s ¬†website for further information :¬†

Wallet round-up #7: The Slim wallet

The Slim wallet was the really first of its kind, the first minimalist wallet to launch on kickstarter with more than 200K. It is the most simple wallet you can find, and it looks nice:

I love this yellow/black design, but the Slim is also available in other colors:

Neon OrangeNeon YellowNavy

kind of neat right ? What I¬†prefer¬†about the design is the little cross in the middle. It’s soooo cute :). It can hold up to ten cards, doesn’t damage them, and is RFID compatible, Although if it were not they’ll sa it will protect you from RFID¬†thieves.¬†We live in strange world nowadays. Anyway this wallet¬†successfully¬†launched back in december, but it seemed to me the only wallet worth noticing. It is not possible to buy one right now, as they are shipping kickstarter’s pledges, but here is their website if you want to;

wallet round-up #6: the Dizmio

dizmio dizmiov shape dizmio 2

innovative or usual ? This wallet is just composed out of 2 pieces of aluminium, and a rubber band strap. I’ve seen so many of these on kickstarter, I think they should have a¬†section¬†called: “fucking minimalist wallet for minimalist people who want to look cool and simplify their lives”. I know it may seem a bit long, but that’s what almost are wallets on ¬†kickstarter are about. This one however seems ¬†more¬†intelligent¬†than the other,¬†although¬†it’s still not what i would call “the big idea”. ¬† we’ve seen other wallets here, here, and here. What makes the Dizmio better are the little pieces that help open it with one hand, and how the cards come out in a V shape.

the Dizmio is¬†available¬†on kickstarter now, and I’m confident il will be funded, as all wallets are. It will cost you at least 24$.

Wallet round-up #1

this week I decided to do a Wallet round-up, for there are many minimalist wallet on kickstarter.

So this wallet is named the bridge, and it really looks like the flip’n grip.


Anyway, the constant aim of wallet maker on kickstarter is to make slim wallet. It became an obsession. Some of them are good, and some are not. I would define this one as good, because it propose a simple solution, and it’s elegant, although a bit thick, as you can see in the photo, where the¬†bridge¬†is empty. Te cool dude in the video is going to explain to you how it works:

not bad hein ? I like the way his father is useless in the video :p

This fantastic (or not) idea comes from this kickstarter page, I hope you enjoy, and see you tomorow for another wallet, as this week is the wallet round-up !

By the way, what do you think of the round-up idea ? is it good ? or not ?