DoorJamz is a fully customizable doorbell controlled by your smartphone

I previously talked about wifi doorbell, and the awesome lockitron, but this doorbell has a different goal: it just enables you to play your music,placed on an SD card, and control everything using your Iphone. It can also schedule the sound for naps, etc. Finally, you can schedule for the year which music you want to be played everyday. Oh, and I almost forgot it has a motion detector instead of a button, and that every time it rings, a snapshot is sent to your device. Will you remember all of this ? I don’t think I will, but I certainly like the original design of the DoorJamz:

before heading to their indiegogo project, you might want to check this funny video they made:



bluetooth headphone

You know all about the jambox right ? Ever searched for the equivalent for headphones ?

I did, and I found out the choice is very limited. Basically, there are only sport headphones, like this one:

not  really the same design as the jambox, right ?

well, there are three alternative: Beats bluetooth, which is just like any Beats headphones but wireless, the Jabra Halo, which isn’t that bad in design, but still not my cup of tea, and Tenqua REMXD.

The advantages of this one are his price, the classic design, and that it’s the only one exept the beats to be a minimal classy. Here is how it looks :

you see ? beautiful and minimal, no fancy glowing blue button, like on the sport ones.

The battery lasts 15h, which is plenty, and when you don’t have anymore battery, just in case you travelled 15h in the plane without the possibility to recharge it, you can plug in a double jack cable, which is provided.

Handsfree capabilities allow you to use the built-in mic to answer calls, automatically  pausing anything you were doing just before.

I’m going to buy one for myself, as it only costs 40$, and will probably make my fist first review after that. If you liked it, please like the post or reblog 🙂

Opa (gangnam style),an ipad stereo speaker case !

I don’t know if it was meant to sound like the most popular video ever, but this object is called the Opa. It’s like a sound bar for your Ipad, because we all know how bad the speakers are. if you don’t want to invest in such a big and expensive product,  you can find cheap accessories, or 3d print one by yourself, if you have a 3D printer. other folks on kickstarter did this:

Unsuccessfully, the kickstarter campaign has been stopped, by the creators of the project for obscure reasons. If you want one, stay connected to their website. The Opas used to start at 99$, which isn’t that bad, for a product that looks and fell good. Watch the video if you are interested:

awesome bluetooth speaker

 the Bass Egg project is like no other bluetooth speaker on the market. what is so extraordinary with it ? well, it uses sound induction, a new technology that permit the user to use any flat surface as a speaker. the metallic base sends high frequency waves to the surface (it can be wood, metal, glass etc). the design in itself isn’t perfect, but it’s not a plastic toy either. look for yourself:
it’s pretty neat, especially when you put polyester on the choosen surface.
execpt from the design i think a sucker could have helped this little cute object a little in its portable speaker that can go everywhere, but it’s still a great product in my opinion. look at the video and you’ll see how good it sound. The battery only lasts 6-8 hours, compared to the 10 jours of the jambox it seems low but it’s rechargeable in 1/2 an hour.It only cost 95$ so compared to a Jambox, it’s a bargain.