telepresence at its best: KUBI, a robotic Ipad stand for video calls.

Before the video, I wasn’t very exited about the project. Kubi looked like a bicornuate to me. But I soon realized It was one of the object I’ll save money for, thinking about it everyday. I’m like that.

So KUBI is a robotic Ipad stand you can control from the other side of the world, a bit like the Romo, but the it is for Iphone only and can move around. But KUBI isn’t a toy: It’s a tool first designed for pros, not for amusement, that’s why the design is more sober than the romo.

The romo is controlled by the app, wich works like this:

the only downside to this app, but it is not their fault, is that the two caller need the app. You can also call with facetime, but you won’t be able to make the KUBI move by tapping the screen, but through a web browser, on another tablet or computer.

The KUbi is for the moment on indiegogo, waiting for your to back it. You can get it for 200$.


the new ROMO

romo is a robot in which you plug your smartphone, and then control it with another one, that can be anywhere around the world. “it opens endless possibilities” like they always say.

romo is a great robot if you like videoconferencing on the go (I guess some people do), and if you’re too lazy to reach the other end of the table to grab your coffe.

But it’s a toy, so it doesn’t really matter. It can make fun faces on the screen, say a few words, things like that.