Wallet round-up #3: The Omega Wallet



Probably named after the watch-maker company (or not), this is just like the bridge but with rubber bands to keep the two separate pieces together. It is worth noticing too that the little open part is on the length, not on the width, wich can be a plus if you just need to slide your card in a reader. Did I mentioned it can be used as a bootle opener ?It can take as much as about 10 cards+cash, and comes in a wide range of finition and engravure: Aluminum, titanium, anodized (rainbow), skull engraved,anodized and moreAnodizing options

these are the anodized version, and here are the engraved ones:

Engraving options

I you want, here is a silent video of the Omega which is useless. The Omega is kicksarting now on kickstarter, and is available from 25£, which is 40$.