Bantam wallet can block or not your RIFD cards


I like RFID blocking wallet for protection against geek thieves, but sometimes I do also like when I can actually use them IN the wallet to. Well someone must have though of people like me when doing the Bantam wallet, because it can either stop all RIFD, one side, or even none ! How do you do that ? just insert a RIFD super-thin protection in your wallet, that is.


Of course, now that you know the secret, you can maybe adapt the idea to your own wallet, but these are the exact format of the bantam, and if it’s for protection, better be sure it protect 100%. But if you are a DIY kind of guy, try it, otherwise just go for this nice looking model, minimalist and all, only 4mm thin (not with cards in of course :p),  premium quality leather from Australia.

The wallet is going to launch on indiegogo on the 3rd of April, but you can also visitJames Watson’s  website for further information :

ego smartmouse, the only mouse you’ll ever need.

What does smartmouse means, anyway ? in which way is it “smart” ?Ego! Smartmouse materials and colors

First, except from the basic bluetooth mouse capacities, you can use it the same way as a wiimote: to point at your screen, scroll, etc. With the built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, you can also use it to play games on your PC, or TV connected to your computer. Sadly, it cannot be used on TV without a PC connected to it. So that’s not super useful, after all.


the EGO comes with 2,4,6, or 8gb of storage. You may ask why a mouse needs so much gigabytes. Well, it happens that whenever you connect via bluetooth to a computer, you can transfer data to your mouse, or from your mouse to your computer, wirelessly. Neat ? Yeah. In fact this is my favorite aspect of the EGO. I find the accelerometer not useful for work task, and merely useful for gaming. Let’s be honest. Who’s going to play fruit ninja on his PC ? No one.

If this smartmouse appeals to you, pre-order it now on kickstarter of course.

design or function ? the Doorbot Wifi Doorbell.

Doesn’t this look wrong ? It’s supposed to be an high-tech doorbell, which I have no doubt it is, but the design… I’m speechless. It looks just like an elevator pannel. You don’t believe  me ? look at this picture and tell me the contrary:

There is even a glowing light ! “which floor are we going mom ?/ It’s not an elevator my son, just an ugly doorbell” And it’s made of “unibody aluminium”, in order to look like apple (or star wars, I don’t know). Seriously guys, aluminium isn’t the only metal on earth is it ? Of course the camera is 3 foot long, like every normal camera.

Appart from that, It’s a camera that can viewed from “anywhere in the world” from your Iphone( so you can make people believe you’re at home). The great feature I give in are the lokitron capabilities, which I’ve already talked about. When someone rings, you get instant one way video chatting, and a lock/unlock button, if a lockitron is connected to your network.

Overall, it’s a great product in a shitty design. I think I will wait to have one with Lockitron neat design, not this elevator functional object.

the best 802.11ac router to date, the Almond+

have you ever heard of 802.11ac wifi ? The name is really similar to 802.11n, but the specs are just better in the two known ways:

  • real Gigabit capacities
  • Wider area covered

This fancy router is one of the first to be compatible. But what’s more, it has a touchscreen interface which can manage every task which  before required a PC.

you may have noticed; the Almond+ is wall mountable and really looks better than any other routers. you may wonder what the little+ stands for, on comparison to the previous model. Well this new type of Wifi enable more connected home possibilities. With the Almond app, you can switch off lights, decrease temperature and other cool stuff like that.

What’s not to like ? and for 99$, it’s a real bargain 🙂

The Flip n’Grip™ Wallet by BJ Minson & Dan Loveridge — Kickstarter

I know what you’re gonna say: again, a wallet project on kickstarter ?

we already had the TGT (Tight) – A New Kind Of Wallet The HuMn WalletThe Vi Card Holder The Minimal(M45//) WalletInevitable Wallets and many more. So I wasn’t very confident about the project, the noun sounded like a gadget a to me, but man, when I saw this thing, I literally watched the video 5 times in a row, for it has a level of awesomeness few people can bring.

The Flip n’Grip™ Wallet

it’s a shame they didn’t make the video public, and I don’t have time to find a way to share it to you right here. you will have to click on that url, sorry.

here are some pics of the thing:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

so, as you can see, there is the flip, which really is a toy, and the grip, which is the real innovation of this product. As far as I know, the flip just help being cool performing backlflips and tricks, and eventually help you or pickpocket, you decide take it out of your pocket.

The Grip, on the contrary, is revolutionar. it manages to keep all your card tight, without taking place, and at the same time easily accesible, just press it and the card ill come in a symetrical stair, so that you can see and take them all without problems.

A few other great things about it is that it’s supersolid, for those of you who still haven’t seen the video, dishwasher-free, the cards can’t fall if you don’t activate the grip, and it’s RFID and NFC safe.

the main downside is obviousvly the price, starting from 99$, it’s a lot more expensive than your last one. but way cooler

awesomeness: 5/5


durability: 5/5

price: 2/5

Wallet round-up #5: the SAFE wallet for Iphone 5


doesn’t it look good ? After some problems in november, the kickstarter project relaunched, and it’s successful !!! As you can see, the SAFE wallet is an Iphone 5 case with a compartment for cards. You can put 5 cards in it, and a key at the same time.

I also works as a stand, in portait or landscape mode.

It can keep a folded bill in a secret compartment next to the camera.

Maybe you think it adds a big extra thickness and weight to the Iphone, but in fact it doesn’t: it weights 34g and is as thick as a sharpie !

It is available for pre-order now on kickstarter.

wallet round-up #4: the keylet


I know what you’re going to tell me: this is not a wallet. Well maybe I just didn’t wanted to talk about stupid minimalist wallets any more, even thought that’s my objective,  and the full name of the keylet is “Keylet : A Minimal Key and Wallet All In One System”. See ? there is wallet in it. I have an excuse :).

So as you’ve seen, the keylet is a key holder. As a French guy, I have to tell you this kisskissbankbank project had the same idea about a year before. Sadly, his project didn’t make it. The crowndfunding community is France is terrible. I don’t think one out of 1000 people know what it means. And I mean it.

Anyway, what I like about the keylet is that it can store 4 keys in the thickness of 1and a half key, and it doesn’t make a sound.If yo have a specially thick or weird key, you can send the key the  them and  What is super great is that they thought of people with a usb in their pocket: they created the keycaddie, which is also available for USB+key. This one can store 4 keys too, if you don’t take the USB option.

This project ended in September, a dark time when I didn’t have this wonderful blog, so here is their kickstarter ended project,and here is their facebook page, because they don’t even have a website or blog. Even I do, why can’t they have one ? doesn’t matter. What matters is that I found the official video on youtube, because vimeo videos are always blocked. I noticed some blog have the official vimeo videos. How do they do ?

keycard, lock your mac with your phone

keycard is a simple yet very practical app that allows you to lock you mac by simply walking away.Well, I mean You and your smartphone walking away. As simple as that.

no doubt this is very useful but the maker seems to overestimate the value of the app, for it costs an arm, really: 6,99$. I also fell concerned about battery usage, because I don’t own an Iphone 4s and over, which have bluetooth 4.0. Anyway, seems like fun.

Analyst thinks ‘iPhone 5S’ due in June with better camera, NFC, multiple color options

honestly, I think this analyst has been payed by Samsung, in order for average consumer to think apple is fooling them. But if the Iphone 5s could have the Ipod’s design, It would be so awesome, really.

lock your door with you Iphone easily

There are a bunch od solutions around to lock your door with your device. is one of theme. The problems are often the many options you don’t need and the complexity of the apps, although they provide a great and secure service .But maybe you don’t need to buy a super expensive equipement to regulate the fans with your smartphone, although it’s cool, maybe you just need to unlock your door, that’s all. Lockitron aims to make unlocking your door a lot easier. watch the video for more informations about the features.

Kind of neat isn’t it ? The features I particularly love are the knock sensor, the bluetooth connectivity, and the possibility to modify it in funny ways. What about you ?

This article is the first of a serie of post about home automation.