Wallet round-up #7: The Slim wallet

The Slim wallet was the really first of its kind, the first minimalist wallet to launch on kickstarter with more than 200K. It is the most simple wallet you can find, and it looks nice:

I love this yellow/black design, but the Slim is also available in other colors:

Neon OrangeNeon YellowNavy

kind of neat right ? What I prefer about the design is the little cross in the middle. It’s soooo cute :). It can hold up to ten cards, doesn’t damage them, and is RFID compatible, Although if it were not they’ll sa it will protect you from RFID thieves. We live in strange world nowadays. Anyway this wallet successfully launched back in december, but it seemed to me the only wallet worth noticing. It is not possible to buy one right now, as they are shipping kickstarter’s pledges, but here is their website if you want to;


Wallet round-up #1

this week I decided to do a Wallet round-up, for there are many minimalist wallet on kickstarter.

So this wallet is named the bridge, and it really looks like the flip’n grip.


Anyway, the constant aim of wallet maker on kickstarter is to make slim wallet. It became an obsession. Some of them are good, and some are not. I would define this one as good, because it propose a simple solution, and it’s elegant, although a bit thick, as you can see in the photo, where the bridge is empty. Te cool dude in the video is going to explain to you how it works:

not bad hein ? I like the way his father is useless in the video :p

This fantastic (or not) idea comes from this kickstarter page, I hope you enjoy, and see you tomorow for another wallet, as this week is the wallet round-up !

By the way, what do you think of the round-up idea ? is it good ? or not ?