3D printer round-up #2: the Form 1, the most precise ever.

The Form 1 is its name, and it kickstarted back in October, and managed to get 2 500 000$ to mass-production.

it’s not only classy apple-style aluminium, the transparent orange is a genius design move, in my opinion.

So what’s so original about it except the design ? Its performance: using stereolithography, the Form 1 is, according to the makers, 200 times or so more precise. and when you look at the render of machine like the replicator, or makerbot, you start to want something more:

FORM 1: An affordable, professional 3D printer by Formlabs — Kickstarter

do you want to see an object made by the machine to compare ? ? here they are:

To watch it working, check out this video, or go to their finished campaign.