better than fitbit, the amiigo, a social fitness tracker

at first I wasn’t really enthusiast about the amiigo, what looked like the same object as the fitbit. then I realized the full potential of such a device, and how FitBit is just a baby step in the fitness tracker industry.

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what does it do better than any other tracker ?

For first there is a foot bracelet, to improve the data captured by the device.

Secondly, the program is made to recognize what type of exercise is being done. It even recognize the difference between running and treadmill. What to ask more ?

The amiigo is pre) selling now in undiegogo


fitness watch or smart watch

Why not both ? recently, fitbit, UP, and fitbug released their product, and they all insist on how small and lightweight it it, therefore with no screen. Is it really important to ditch the screen to increase mobility ? I don’t think so. Because smart watches are becoming more popular everyday (I almost bought the 250$ from the duty free airport), I strongly believe a product that is both will soon emerge. Will it be fitbit, Jawbone, or a unknown company on kickstarter ? recent succes from peeble makes me think this is what’s going to happen, sometime this year. let’s look at a few fitness watches, then some few smart watch:

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Although the fitbit is the best tracker to date, you still have to get your smartphone out to check your progress etc. with the new products coming up, you will be able to share your performances on socal networks, research on internet a good running path, and of course call and send sms. Siri seems also like a probability that can’t be excluded. What’s more it seems like something actually useful while running, doing sport you know. I used to believe Apple could still innovate and produce this watch. What a fool I have been.