Let’s fund Wally case !

I already talked about Wally Wallet, but the wally case differs a little it includes a physical case:

Apart from that, the wally wallet is the same, the idea behind it hasn’t changed: you can put a few credit card and swipe them out in an easy and funny way:

I guess If I had one I would spend the entire day opening and closing :p.

However, everything isn’t bright in Distil Union: The Wally case is not going to get funded, unless you help them, and soon ! The campaign still has 4 days to go, and as the creators put it, they just need 75 backers to successfully launch the Wally Case on kickstarter !


What’s so special about this Iphone Wallet ? Everything.

We saw already the marvelous SAFE wallet for Iphone, which I considered to be the best Iphone wallet. However, The Wally has many advantages too. Let’s take a quick look at it. It’s made of premium quality leather from Italy, so you bet it’s going to feel and look nice, like it already looks good on the picture. Secondly, the genuine aspect of this product is the way you acces the cards. It’s really simple, and allows your cards to be hidden until you need them. You just pulle the red band and your cards come out. Push your cards back in and that’s it. Super simple. And it uses nano-succion technology, allowing it to be replaceable. How does it work ? Like an octopus they said. Don’t ask me more.

So the Wally is available in ninja black and cowboy brown, but you got to hurry up, as there is only 15 cowboy brown for 42$.